Best Free Antivirus for Downloads

Antivirus is essential if you are using internet or your pc is used by other persons. Infected Storage disk,usb, memory card are special antivrus sources. If you insert any of the item to your pc without antivirus scan your pc get infected. As a result you loose your data, time and many other important information.So it is essential to use antivirus software. But today antivirus software are also costly and you have to renew them every year and have to spend money on them. So toady i will guide you with some free but very effective antivirus which gives your pc full protection.

Free Antivirus

Free Anti Virus Avast:
Avast is best free antivirus, only what you have to do is to register it . After registration you can use it for full one year. You can update it on regular interval and can keep your pc free from viruses.

Spyware Doctor Antivirus 2010
This is not exactly free antivirus but you can scan your pc and see that where and in which file the virus is there and what is the the virus known as . This is also a good anti virus which detect every single infection from your pc. It also gives protection from popups and malicious websites.It automatically updates as per your desire.

Microsoft Security Essentials:
Microsoft has given this Anti virus to its geniune user. This software is very effective in searching and removing viruses from your system.Updates are really working with every single new virus created. This is free and any one can use it on Geniune Windows copy.

AVG Antivirus
AVG is decades old and very particular antivirus. Upgrade version as well as free version both work well. Its easy to install and use.Upgarde version is very costly but the free version works very well.

Avira AntiVir Personal: 
Avira is also a nice antivirus but the problem with this is it blocks some useful files also. It is simple to use and detect viruses, worms, rootkit threats. It has special ability to find malware. The negetive point of avira is when you update it it shows advertisement but you can disable it.

To update all this antivirus you need Internet connection.

I hope you like this few free antiviruses if you need any guide you can comment.


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