Unlock Folders Locked with Folderlock

Easily Unlock Folders - Locked with Folderlock

If you are using folderlock software its great because it means that you care for your data. You want that nobody else than you see your data and use it. Folder lock is a great software and every professional has to use it. But i have seen many times that new user of folderlock software forget password aafter loking their folder and the software which they use to protect their data is protected by that software for that user also.

No need to worry if you forgot your password of Folder lock.

Follow The below steps to open Folder lock without knowing password.

Click on MY Computer on your desktop.

Now you have to select C drive and then click Windows.

Now search for a file name "regedit" . Double click to open it.
for this you can also try tis:Start-Run and Type regedit and press ok.

Now click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. and then click on Software. Then search for name called EverStrike and double click on it.

After Clicking on that you will see LF30 now click on that.

Now its turn of Right Side search for file name Password. When you got taht just delete it.

Now open the folder which is locked with Folderlock software.
Its Open Right ?

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