How to Get Pregnant Easily

How to Get Pregnant Easily?

Getting pregnant is not a hard task. If you are doing sex with your partner without condoms or without taking Anti Pregnancy Pills you become pregnant. But it is also true that if you have any gynecologic problem you will not become pregnant as much sex you do. Age is also one reason if you are not getting pregnant. Partner infertility or your infertility is also a reason if you are not becoming pregnant.  Your diet, health and position of sex during sex and after sex all play major role in getting pregnancy. Your doctors can also help you a lot so visit your doctor also, but be sure that he is specialist in this field. Below are some of the most important points you have to keep in mind to become pregnant easily.

Positions plays important role in getting pregnant. Female partner must always remain under and male partner must be on top. This is also called “The missionary position”.  Have sex twice a week. After releasing sperm inside the female partner male partner have to be on her for at least 15 minutes. Female partner must not have to stand up or go for urine for at least 1 hour. Female partner can sleep on his back and have to put one leg on other so there are less chances of liquid to come out. In this interval male partner have to help his female partner to pass this time of one hour by kissing and romantic conversation.  Some other positions like doggy, Raise the hips, and side by side also plays important role in becoming pregnant.


Diets also play important role in getting pregnant. Avoid junk food as well as fatty food. Keep safe distance from non-veg foods. Also avoid smoking, drinking and sleeping pills. Try to avoid pain killer and also other medicine. Before taking any medicine consult your doctor and take advice about that medicine. In vegetables also avoid vegetables like bringal and other which is warm in nature. Try to have soup of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, tomatoes. Avoid garlic and also Chinese food. Habits like drinking and smoking affects you as well as your baby which is unborn. Include Cereals, whole grains, daals, pulses and nuts in your daily meal. Don’t remain hungry for long time, have something whenever you feel hungry. Fresh fruit juices and lots of water also help in your pregnancy. Milk and other dairy product are rich in calcium and vitamins so also try to have this in your daily meals.

Your Daily Life.

Hard work like lifting heavy things or climbing stairs must be avoid in pregnancy. Light yoga and exercise is allowed but not for a long time. Keep your self busy in reading, writing and many other works which is easy to do. Keep yourself happy and always enjoy whatever you do. Avoid travelling much and keep yourself in home. Consult your doctor at regular interval and never avoid medicines preferred by him or her. Do not take illegal medicines and do not follow what your friend and family say always do what ever your doctor says. Avoid Microwaves, mobiles and other electronic items which are not safe. Never went to a place where there are chances of more public because a single hurt is also dangerous.Never visit places where chemicals and pesticides are spread ed.

This are the things you have to keep in mind before and after becoming pregnant.

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