Remove Tobacco Stains From Teeth Easily

Remove Tobacco Stains From Teeth Easily 

If you are chewing tobacco you will get stains on your teeth in short time. These stains are very hard to remove and it will not removed by the tooth paste available in the market. Tobacco stains also comes to your teeth because of smoking. If you have stains on your teeth its look very ugly. Tobacco makes your teeth and gums very weak. It also start bleeding from your gums within a short period. But if you take proper care and quit smoking and chewing of tobacco regular tooth paste can also remove stains from your teeth with in a short period. But if you continue chewing tobacco and smoking cigarette the stains will never go from your teeth with regular toothpaste and tooth brush. Beside all coffee and tea also causes stains on your teeth.

Quit smoking and chewing tobacco.

The best and simple resolution is quit smoking and chewing tobacco. But its not that easy i know but try for the same. The easy way to quit smoking and chewing tobacco is find the alternative of the same. Chewing gum, mint, saunf etc are harmless and best alternative of tobacco. Don’t quit at once. If you are smoking 10 cigarette a day then slowly comes to eight then six and so on.

Hydrogen and Baking Powder as toothpaste.

Use paste of hydrogen and Baking powder as your tooth paste. Brush thrice a day with this paste. Specially after your meals and if possible after every smoke. Make it a habit. 20 Grams of baking powder and 5 ml of hydrogen make a good paste. At first it burns a little but it does not harm. if you swallow also no harm but try to avoid swallowing as much as possible.
Use Fresh Lemon Juice with Baking Powder.
Two drops of fresh lemon juice with a pinch of baking powder also make good tooth paste. Both lemon juice and baking soda is natural bleaching agent so you will get good result from it.

Consult Dentist
If both above mention advices fail consult your dentist he will suggest you the best.

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