How To Use Facebook On Any Mobile Without Internet

If you have a phone of old age like Nokia 8910 ,Nokia 6510, Nokia 6500, Nokia 8855, Nokia 5210 which support no browser and which has no other use that making calls or using calculator or fixing alarm you still can use Facebook on that phone. And yes this is not a joke this is true. There is also possibility that you were on that place where you are not getting GPRS or EDGE at that time also you can use your any phone to use Facebook.

In India you will find many places where you face this problem but you do not have to worry about this problem as you can still use your facebook account from that remote places.

Facebook India has partner with Fonetwish to give Facebook access to every mobile at any place. You do not even need any internet or any application or not even smat phones to use the Facebook.

Now coming to the point how we can use Facebook from any mobile from any place .

Dial *325# from your mobile phone. Now enter your username and password of your Facebook account. And that it you are connected to your Facebook account. You can than send number based commands to use various Facebook features. You can chat with your online friends and add new people to your friendlist and many more things.

But this is not free but you can say it is free because you have to pay only Rs 1 per day for unlimited usage.

Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones

Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones

Sim card are used in the phone to connect to the network or service provider. By SIM card we can identify a person who is using the phone. The SIM full form is Subscriber Information Module. Every SIM card has it own unique serial number. Mobile companies locked the SIM card so that no other network can work on that computer. But this is not done by mobile companies but they were informed and forced to do this by Network providers. For example I am the owner of XXXX network company, I contact the mobile manufacturing company and give them order that XXXX Network want 50,000 mobile handset from yoy but the condition is that handset must be locked and work only with XXXX Network company.

Now coming to the main point we purchase that handset. we do not leased that phone from company. If we leased phone from company we accept that locking is acceptable but we are purchasing it, we are owning it then why locking. Even resell price of that phone is also very low. Some handset are unlocked easily if we know correct method to unlock it by downloading some free software and and entering unlocking code. As we are taking here about Samsung mobiles so i can tell you that unlocking Samsung mobile is very difficult. Samsung mobiles can be unlocked by professional only. But if you search on internet you will find many websites who sells unlocking code. Some will mail you unlocking code while some sms you. 

As we all know that there is huge competition going on between network service provider some times it gives benefits to us and some time it not good for us. Samsung is a great mobile company and its handsets are amazing and with great features. But locked phone is not good for the company like Samsung. Samsung phones are hard to unlock but it is possible. Some of the company offers that you send your locked mobile phone without sim to them and they will return your phone after unlocking it in return of few bucks.

How To Know Your Phone Before Unlocking

In present world two types of communication systems are available and out of both majority is of GSM. Other communication type called CDMA is not widely used. CDMA is widely used in some countries like United States and also in some more countries. GSM is more popular in rest of the world. CDMA ties cellphone, phone number and its user to particular service provider but the matter is totally different with GSM. GSM cell phone uses a sim card of particular network  and that network has locked the phone so you can not use other network provider service. If you are the one who want to change your network and number whith your current mobile phone you need to unlock your mobile phone which is locked by the service provider to keep you with them.

Now we have to see how we can unlock the phone so we can use whatever service we like. First determine which type of cell phone we are using. If its a cdma phone and it does not have sim you do not need to unlock that phone. If it is GSM phone than check that it is locked or not. To check that the mobile phone is locked or not insert sim of other service provider and see that sim is working with that phone or not. If you get any error message that it is locked if it works than its fine.

Now search for the websites which provide unlock code and unlocking methods to you. This type of websites charges you a normal fee to give you the unlocking code by email or by sms. When you receive the code simply enter it in the mobile and determine that other service sim works in it. Some of the models not unlocked with code. So you have to specify exact model to the unlocking website. If  unlocking code not work on your model you have to connect your mobile with usb to the computer. And they will do it for you. There are also some companies to whom you have to send the phone and they will unlock your phone within some periods of time and return to you.

Some Useful Tips To Know Unlocking Procedure.

The IMEI stand for { International Mobile Equipment Identity Number}  and it connects the phone to its owner so we can say that particular service is connected to the phone owner by IEMI. IEMI is similar to serial number. Almost every mobile phone has removable sim and some service provider locked that sim so the user cannot use that cellphone with other service provider. sim card connect mobile to network provider and owner of the instrument.

Please ensure that the phone you purchase is not locked.

How to make your mobile secure ?

When phone was discovered no one has thought that this small device will change the world one day. As in starting mobile phone was very costly and call rates are also very high that days. But today every-one almost every one has their own mobile phone. Before mobile phone has black and white screen but today it is multicolor pixelized screen with millions of different features. In past mobile was only to make and receive calls but today you can do almost anything with your mobile phone. Today text messages, MMS and even email are very common in mobile phones. You can browse internet book tickets, plan your tours and many much things on your ting little gadget. You can call mobile phone a mini laptop or mini computer which you can carry in your pocket and take it where ever you like or go.

Now we all know that we have many useful data like emails, messages, phone numbers, contacts, email addresses, notes in our mobile phone. Do you know that mobile phone can be very easily tracked and also hacked. Your place or location can be identified from your mobile phone. Some one can hack your cellphone and know your personal notes, emails and phone numbers. Your service provider can track you and if you are in any illegal activities you will be easily caught from your mobile phone location tracking.

Your phone contains many useful information like your credit card numbers, your ATM pins, your locker number etc. As now a days every mobile phone is GPS enabled and also Bluetooth enabled.So many hackers can hack this information. There are many security software available in market by which you can save your personal data. Off your phone Gprs when not needed and also off your Bluetooth when not needed. By this you can be 50 percent safe from hacking and tracking. Taking care a little makes you safer.

Set up password of your mobile phone as this easiest way to stop some one to access data. Password can be set up by using security features of your phone. You can also set up password for GPRS and Bluetooth. If you are unaware about this your service provider will easily help you. Do not give your phone to other people and also don't leave it alone in office or in restaurants. The main reason behind this is that spyware or hacking software can easily be inserted in your phone within few seconds and access your personal data and even your phone book. It is also possible that other people can access your phone with this spyware and software's in future. When ever you get notification on your phone that your phone is being used by other person please ensure that this is your familiar user. Don't allow unknown users to access your phone. Always allow trusted Bluetooth connection to connect with your mobile phones. Do not connect any device immediately. Make sure that that you are protected after connecting with that device,

How to find lost Phone Number?

Find Lost Phone Number
How to find lost Phone Number?

When you loose your mobile phone at that time you realize what you have missed or lost. Hundreds of important numbers, messages, notes and reminder and most important the calls you received during the time of missing phone. If someone has found your phone and take out sim from phone and use his or her sim you will have 50 percent chance to get your phone back. You need someone who find your cell-phone. If you want to know that who has your phone it is possible to get this information but you need professional document search to receive accurtae information. Finding the lost phone is very hard but you can make is easy by using professional private investigation website. There are thousands of websites on internet but you have to choose the best. The last and only option to find your lost mobile is only and only the professional searches.

For searching best website do not trust any who come across your search. Specially the websites who claims instant result by paying one time fee or by subscription. As many websites who claims get information from other websites who even don't charge for this information. There are many different websites performing this task but what we need is to see that the company we choose perform each search by hand and gives the best and accurate result. For getting accurate result this websites also need some accurate information from you like Street Address, Full Name, as well as social security number before performing a search.If you are really serious about getting results and if you really want to get your lost cell phone number profession service is the best option. Do not trust persons locally tells you that give me a sum of money and he or she will gives you the details. Tell them give details fist then the amount will be paid.

Investigation service is too good and perform as they promise you.Using this type of website is best result if number is unlisted or private. They really work they perform every tasks individually. They also return your money if they fails in providing you information. This happens in 3 percent cases.

Easy ways to resolve Blackberry common faults

Easy ways to resolve Blackberry Faults

Lets start with display. The main part or we can say heart of mobile is display. We use display whenever we use mobile, so it is common that Blackberry display damage in several ways like cracked display, leaked display and also dead pixel. Leaking of color and dim back-light is also common issue. So we are here to resolve the issue but only and last resolution of this problem is to replace the damage part. The main benefit is easy availability of this parts as Blackberry and are widely used this days.

The other main fault is low memory symptom on your Blackberry Handset. Due to this you can loose your call logs and text messages. The main reason behind this is smart phones runs multiple application at same time and so all memory is consumed by that running application. You can solve this problem by closing web-browsing or close some application like music players as it consume more memory. Make habit of closing application after you use it. Your recent calls and messages will not come back but new logs will log properly. Try power recycling like remove battery for one minutes and start the handset again.

The other main fault commonly seen in Blackberry handset is screen frozen. And we all know what to do with that type of issue wait or reboot as we commonly do it with out Desktop and Laptops. To reboot Blackberry Press ALT+CAP+DEL or you can you can use paper clip and press reset button on back of your handset. If you are unable to locate the hard button or if your Blackberry do not have hard-reset  button remove battery for a minute and it will work.

Like our old PC mouse Trackball in Blackberry sometimes do not work when pressed. The solution for this is to take a paper-pin and clean the dust which is around the Trackball if that also do not work replacing is the option.

Hopefully you will get some benefit by reading this.

How to make cheap international calls

Want to save money while making international call? Answer will always be yes. There are many peoples who regularly makes International calls and they have to pay huge telephone bills. If a person from India or Srilanka working in Dubai or USA he needs to make calls to his family once a week or once in 15 days. Internet calling saves your money but it is important that both side internet and computer must be there. There are some calling cards available which works on your phone to make calls internationally. Below are some detailed information about cheap international calling.

First of all search for calling-cards which is specially made for calling to your country.Suppose if you are from India and working in USA search for calling- cards which is made for Indians. If you working in Dubai and your native place is Srilanka search for calling card specially made for calling Srilanka. Because special calling cards made for specail country and gives you more talk-time in less bucks.

Please Note: It is illegal to use calling-cards as well as web-calling in Countries like UAE.They are really poor and mentally ill in this matter.

After searching calling-cards for your country the second thing you have to do is to check how that calling card charges. Some charge per minute and some gives particular minutes in particular amount. You choose which is best for you. Get information how that calling card is and what are the feedback about that calling-card. Verify from your friends and others that how this calling-card charges. There are information on that card that how amount is deducted and how calls are calculated. Also check that when calling-card is expiring. There are details on the card about it expiry so check it before buy. And try to use full amount before your calling-card expires. Also check that is there any helpline or website available for that card provider.

Many provides gives you a access number which you have to dial to make international call. Please check that that number is local and not international. Presently most of the access numbers are from UK on which you only have to miss call. Always ask your friends who uses calling-cards so you can get better guidelines. Ask them about the coverage, call quality, voice quality.

If you keep in mind some of this useful points you will definitely gets cheap and best calling cards for your country no matter where-ever you are.

Before buying used Iphone: Read This

Before buying used Iphone and spending your hard earn money on used Iphone ensure that Iphone working nicely and in good condition. Make sure that provider of the Iphone has good return policy and gives you cash back option. When to take the Iphone check it carefully or show it to some expert that it is not damaged or from outside or inside.If that Iphone fails to work follow the guideline and return it to the provider. Please note that some providers of used Iphone follow strict timeline about returning the Iphone. So do it fast as possible.

Some of the Iphones does not support all the service providers or network and this is the biggest reason of returning Iphones to seller. So before buying used Iphone please ensure that your used Iphone works and compatible with your service provider.If you are buying the Iphone first time be familiar and know the features of Iphones. This you can do with your friend or by searching on internet. Once you are familiar with features you will come to know that what you are buying and why you are buying. If you think you are much familiar with features and want to upgrade then also it is very important to know the features of your buying Iphone. If you once familiar and know what is available in market you have better and wider options for investing.

Before buying the Iphone know the seller of the product and his reputation. Also check that Iphone is Fcc compliancy of used Iphone since 2005. The FCC has implemented a regulation that all mobiles bust be GPS enabled.So ensure that your iphone is GPS enabled. Buy Iphone with Verifiable ESN. ESN is essential to activate phone. If that ESN is listed in stolen or lost list that Iphone will not be activated.

If you are buying it online check that the seller provides ESN number or not. Also know the online seller. Get feedback from various sources about that seller. For this ask any simple queastion through mail or comment. If they reply think they are 50% honest other 50% you can get information from customer feedback and searching online.

And in last if you are not satisfied with your used Iphone or you have any problem write it online and comment about that seller, product or whatever problem you face. So the the problem what you are facing others dont.

How to balance your health

We know that health is our real wealth. But no one is ready to take care of his or her health. We always are busy in drinking , smoking and eating fatty ,oily and junked food. We take care of our financial balance but not ready to give single minute to our health balance. We are very serious when our bank balance drop but we are not that much serious when our blood pressure drops. We enjoy out life in pubs, discos, casino, traveling and doing much more if we are financially balanced but think if you are not healthy what you will do with your bucks. Only pay high bills of doctors.

To balance your health you do not need much time and money you just have to spend a little time and a little money to manage your health. Just follow some basic points to manage and balance your health.


  • Daily walk 300 meters. If you like and if you have time you can take it to 1000 meters or even more. But what i suggest is only 300 meters. It will not take more than 15 minutes from your whole 24 hours day.
  • Prefer morning walk it is the best time of the day to walk. Walking 300 meters in morning is equal to walk 1000 meters in evening. 
  • Choose any one from the below gives same relaxation and save strength to your body.25 jumps on your place, 50 meters running, 5 minutes cycling ,10 sit-stand. All this exercises do not take more than 5 minutes .
  • 20 minutes of yoga can give you that much strength that you can feel free and relax up-to 3 days.
  • Yoga is also very useful in morning. Internet is full of different types of yoga. Search for you and start.
  • Meditation also gives you peace of mind and relax you from tention.
At Work
  • Do not sit for long hours at office. Make practice to stand up and take a small round of your office at regular intervals.
  • Do not continuously look at your computer screen.
  • Do not work till late night and again start work in early morning.
  • Green vegetables must be there in your daily food
  • Avoid fatty and junk food as much as possible
  • Fix time for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. it will give your body a schedule what to do when.
  • Quit smoking and drinking.
  • Drink lots of water
This are some important thinks which will keep your health balance. So try it from today and live long and enjoy the world given by nature. 

How To Trace Any Any Phone Number For Free ?

How To Trace Any Any Phone Number For Free  ?

It is very hard to know the number if you have missed it.You get a call in night and you are sleeping you ignore that call and in morning when you see that call is from unknown number and if you want to know that number it is very difficult to know that number. Now if you want to know that who is the caller you have to trace that number. But its not that easy . You have to consume time to trace that number.

Now Lets start tracing that phone number.

The first thing you do for Tracing that phone number is "googling". Google has all for you. What ever information you want easily available on Google. Try to search that number in all way.

For Ex.If you get a call from "111-111-111" search it in Google. I hope you will definitely get some help from it. Type exact number in search box. Than search it with hyphen then with quotes.

After googling try other big search engines like yahoo, bing, MSN etc.

If you don't get any information from internet and now you have no option to find that number that go for pay service. Pay little fee of 20$ and get the information. You can also hire private investigator for 100$.

website like gives you this service in small fee of 20$. After paying this amount you simply has to enter the number and you will get Name, Address and many more details of the owner of that cell phone.

Hopefully useful thanks and please comment

How to Know Your Phone Model?

How to Know Your Phone Model?

If some one ask you sometime which phone you are using its difficult to answer. Because sometime you also don't know which phone you are using. Phone Models varies in same company. So it is very important that you know which phone you are using. Because if your phone battery is damaged and if you want to purchase a new one for it the shopkeeper will ask you that for which phone you want battery. You know that you are using the phone of Samsung, or LG, or Nokia etc but the model number is more important to but any accessories or battery for your handset.

There are many ways to find out your Phone Model Number.

1.Open the back cover of your mobile and remove the battery of your cell phone. It is common in all cell phones that model number of phone and Name of Manufacturer are mentioned behind the battery.

2. Search the internet. Open Google and type the name of Manufacturer of your mobile phone. Ex Samsung Mobiles. Now go to that manufacturing company website and search for you model as there are pictures of all models you will come to know about your model also.

3.If you have see the User manual of your phone.

4.Visit the service center or showroom and ask them about the same.

How to Type Easily On Iphone

How to Type Easily On Iphone

Practice makes man perfect. Iphone is designed in such a way that there is no physical typing buttons available on it. All the smart phone are designed in same way. Also in smart phone there is a multi touch screen so its more hard for a user to type correctly on multi touch screen. So it is very difficult for the user to type easily on Iphone. It is also designed in such a way that you have to type with both your thumbs or you have to keep it on table and type it with your fingers. The screen of iphone is small so you have to type all the keys on that small screen. So some times you type correctly but it shows wrong because of small screen and multi touch.

Now Follow the step to make easy typing on Iphone

1. Start typing with one hand and continue with it. Do not use other hand use it only for carrying your Iphone.

2.Give one finger to some of the alphabets so it will be like typing.

3.Practice when you are free by sending Sms or mails to your friend who do not care for spelling and grammar mistake.

4.Try with small Sms and mails.

5.Use your Iphone frequently.

5.Use Auto correct system.

No one is going to kill you if you make mistake in typing. So do not worry and and practice.

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Why we smoke ?

It is said that on one end of cigarette there is fire and on other end there is fool.What you feel when you smoke do you feel any adventure or any fun? the answer is no. No adventure no fun in smoking only loose of money, health and life. We see slogan on the packet of cigarette like " The complete man" but the truth is smoker is not complete man he is incomplete. Smoker waste his hard earned money in smoking. He or she not only harms themselves but also their surrounding persons and also environment.

The reality is every 6 seconds a victims of smoking dies in this world. It means that every minute 10 people dies in this world because of smoking. If you are a smoker that think what happens to your family, child and wife after you. Are you doing correct?

Don't smoke if you want to live a good healthy life. Take a right decision now at this moment that you will never smoke and keep your family happy and healthy.

Today number of smokers are increasing in this world don't put your name in that. As per survey every year 500000 people dies because of the lungs diseases and that that disease comes due to smoking. Think that the amount you are spending on smoking, if the same amount you spend on your family or you child education or to help poor child how mentally you will be pleased.

So from today think twice before buying a packet of cigarette. I know its not easy to qit smoking but nothing is impossible if man decide.

Tips to gain health in all fields

As it is said that health is wealth is very much true. Healthy person can enjoy his life and all the things in this world provided by nature. Health does not only mean that you are free from all diseases but the real meaning of health is you are mentally healthy,emotionally healthy, spiritually healthy in the society. Health in all this field are necessary. Think if you are a millionaire and you are not physically healthy that wealth is useless. In same case if you are not emotionally healthy or mentally healthy that wealth again is useless.

Now we see that what all this health means in your real life and what are the necessary steps you have to take to get all this health in best manner..

Physical Health

Your body is your wealth. Poor man can become rich if he is healthy and rich became poor if he is not physically fit by paying huge doctors and hospital fees. So save your body as it is the biggest wealth provided by god to you. Exercise plays a important role in keeping your health best. Be a habitat of exercise in daily life. Give at least half an hour to exercise from your daily life. Diet also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Limited your food menu avoid drinks and smoking as there is nothing in all this things its only wastage of money and life.

Mental Health

If you are mentally fit than only you will be physically fit. If you are mentally upset you can not  give time to your physical health. If you are poor than also you will be happy if you are mentally healthy. If you are mentally healthy you can keep control on your diet, your wealth, your time and in many other field. Mentally fit man can achieve every goal of his life. You can understand all the fields which invites troubles and unhappiness in your life. Do the things like meditation and rest for the mental health. Do not go after every thing in this world. Prepare your mind for the reality that getting all the things in this world is not possible.

Emotional Health

Emotions are the cause of every bad things in your life. Keep calm keep cool. Person in emotions even kills other man. So always think 10 times before you start any new work. Dont jump and think but think before jump.Because after jumping in any field its very hard to come back and if you comes out from that you will loose many important Leese of your life. Always go with positive emotions and that also after thinking for a while. Because a moment of anger destroys your whole life.

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My Child Biting Nails

My Child Biting Nails

We have seen many children's have habit to bite their nails. These children's are specially in the age group of 4 to 12 years. The nail biting is common and it is a habit of children. Do not take it as a diseases its a habit. There are also some adults who have a habit of biting their nails. The person who has habit of nail biting starts biting their nails any where. In public, at restaurant, in school or college and even in toilets. As I told before this is a habit and not diseases so do not take much tension about this.

Scientific name of nail biting is ONYCHOPHAGIA. Children's are more habitat than adults. Explain your children's about this that they do not do this. Explain them that if they continue biting nails their nails will be spoiled, became short and it became ragged. Explain them that they will hurt themselves if the edges of nails comes out from skin and their are also chance of getting infection. Regularly cut their nails.

It is not a diseases but it is a habit. But it is also a tough habit and very difficult to break. The treatment of nail biting also varies depend on the identifying the reason for nail biting. Nail biting is not a problem of one country. It founds in every country.

Some medicines are available in market to apply on nails. So whenever you start biting nails you get remember about this.

But then also it is not a diseases its only a habit.

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How to take care of your hands in day today life

How to take care of your hands in day today life

Think for a while that what you can do with your hands. I challenge you will not able to count that what you can do with your hands. Endless list can be prepared  if we start to make list. Your hand says everything about you like how you lived your life, how much you have taken care of your body, how much hard work you are doing, how much you keep yourself clean. Anyone can can hide his or her age by showing their beautiful hands. Your hands are your personality and that is fact.

Imagine your life without your hands. I know you are afraid and feel dumb after reading this. Think that you have wear a dress of 5000 $, Sandles of 2000 $ and many more but you have no hands, how you will feel that i also have no idea.Hands are really really a very useful no matter whatever your age is. If you are with your girlfriend the first thing you do is you take her hands in your hands and so on. If you goes to any interview for job what you do is shake your hand first. So think about the importance of your hand. You cannot write without hands, you cannot cook without your hands, you cannot comb without your hands. So take care of your hands.

1. Protect the skin of your hand, you use your hand in almost every work of your day today life. Sometime it hurts, bleed, burns and many other problems. After any injury small or big take proper care and treatment of your hand.

2.In winter apply cream,Vaseline, jelly, oil to your hand  minimum 2 times a day and once in night.

3.If you are working hard job wear hand gloves.

4.Wash your hand after meal and also after toilets.

5.While driving prefer to wear driving gloves.

Hope these tips will be very useful in your day today life.

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What is The Aarti Timing in Somnath

The Aarti Timing in Somnath is

7 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)
12 PM IST (Indian Standard Time)
7PM IST (Indian Standard Time)