Easy ways to resolve Blackberry common faults

Easy ways to resolve Blackberry Faults

Lets start with display. The main part or we can say heart of mobile is display. We use display whenever we use mobile, so it is common that Blackberry display damage in several ways like cracked display, leaked display and also dead pixel. Leaking of color and dim back-light is also common issue. So we are here to resolve the issue but only and last resolution of this problem is to replace the damage part. The main benefit is easy availability of this parts as Blackberry and are widely used this days.

The other main fault is low memory symptom on your Blackberry Handset. Due to this you can loose your call logs and text messages. The main reason behind this is smart phones runs multiple application at same time and so all memory is consumed by that running application. You can solve this problem by closing web-browsing or close some application like music players as it consume more memory. Make habit of closing application after you use it. Your recent calls and messages will not come back but new logs will log properly. Try power recycling like remove battery for one minutes and start the handset again.

The other main fault commonly seen in Blackberry handset is screen frozen. And we all know what to do with that type of issue wait or reboot as we commonly do it with out Desktop and Laptops. To reboot Blackberry Press ALT+CAP+DEL or you can you can use paper clip and press reset button on back of your handset. If you are unable to locate the hard button or if your Blackberry do not have hard-reset  button remove battery for a minute and it will work.

Like our old PC mouse Trackball in Blackberry sometimes do not work when pressed. The solution for this is to take a paper-pin and clean the dust which is around the Trackball if that also do not work replacing is the option.

Hopefully you will get some benefit by reading this.

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