How to balance your health

We know that health is our real wealth. But no one is ready to take care of his or her health. We always are busy in drinking , smoking and eating fatty ,oily and junked food. We take care of our financial balance but not ready to give single minute to our health balance. We are very serious when our bank balance drop but we are not that much serious when our blood pressure drops. We enjoy out life in pubs, discos, casino, traveling and doing much more if we are financially balanced but think if you are not healthy what you will do with your bucks. Only pay high bills of doctors.

To balance your health you do not need much time and money you just have to spend a little time and a little money to manage your health. Just follow some basic points to manage and balance your health.


  • Daily walk 300 meters. If you like and if you have time you can take it to 1000 meters or even more. But what i suggest is only 300 meters. It will not take more than 15 minutes from your whole 24 hours day.
  • Prefer morning walk it is the best time of the day to walk. Walking 300 meters in morning is equal to walk 1000 meters in evening. 
  • Choose any one from the below gives same relaxation and save strength to your body.25 jumps on your place, 50 meters running, 5 minutes cycling ,10 sit-stand. All this exercises do not take more than 5 minutes .
  • 20 minutes of yoga can give you that much strength that you can feel free and relax up-to 3 days.
  • Yoga is also very useful in morning. Internet is full of different types of yoga. Search for you and start.
  • Meditation also gives you peace of mind and relax you from tention.
At Work
  • Do not sit for long hours at office. Make practice to stand up and take a small round of your office at regular intervals.
  • Do not continuously look at your computer screen.
  • Do not work till late night and again start work in early morning.
  • Green vegetables must be there in your daily food
  • Avoid fatty and junk food as much as possible
  • Fix time for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. it will give your body a schedule what to do when.
  • Quit smoking and drinking.
  • Drink lots of water
This are some important thinks which will keep your health balance. So try it from today and live long and enjoy the world given by nature. 

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