How To Know Your Phone Before Unlocking

In present world two types of communication systems are available and out of both majority is of GSM. Other communication type called CDMA is not widely used. CDMA is widely used in some countries like United States and also in some more countries. GSM is more popular in rest of the world. CDMA ties cellphone, phone number and its user to particular service provider but the matter is totally different with GSM. GSM cell phone uses a sim card of particular network  and that network has locked the phone so you can not use other network provider service. If you are the one who want to change your network and number whith your current mobile phone you need to unlock your mobile phone which is locked by the service provider to keep you with them.

Now we have to see how we can unlock the phone so we can use whatever service we like. First determine which type of cell phone we are using. If its a cdma phone and it does not have sim you do not need to unlock that phone. If it is GSM phone than check that it is locked or not. To check that the mobile phone is locked or not insert sim of other service provider and see that sim is working with that phone or not. If you get any error message that it is locked if it works than its fine.

Now search for the websites which provide unlock code and unlocking methods to you. This type of websites charges you a normal fee to give you the unlocking code by email or by sms. When you receive the code simply enter it in the mobile and determine that other service sim works in it. Some of the models not unlocked with code. So you have to specify exact model to the unlocking website. If  unlocking code not work on your model you have to connect your mobile with usb to the computer. And they will do it for you. There are also some companies to whom you have to send the phone and they will unlock your phone within some periods of time and return to you.

Some Useful Tips To Know Unlocking Procedure.

The IMEI stand for { International Mobile Equipment Identity Number}  and it connects the phone to its owner so we can say that particular service is connected to the phone owner by IEMI. IEMI is similar to serial number. Almost every mobile phone has removable sim and some service provider locked that sim so the user cannot use that cellphone with other service provider. sim card connect mobile to network provider and owner of the instrument.

Please ensure that the phone you purchase is not locked.

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