How to Know Your Phone Model?

How to Know Your Phone Model?

If some one ask you sometime which phone you are using its difficult to answer. Because sometime you also don't know which phone you are using. Phone Models varies in same company. So it is very important that you know which phone you are using. Because if your phone battery is damaged and if you want to purchase a new one for it the shopkeeper will ask you that for which phone you want battery. You know that you are using the phone of Samsung, or LG, or Nokia etc but the model number is more important to but any accessories or battery for your handset.

There are many ways to find out your Phone Model Number.

1.Open the back cover of your mobile and remove the battery of your cell phone. It is common in all cell phones that model number of phone and Name of Manufacturer are mentioned behind the battery.

2. Search the internet. Open Google and type the name of Manufacturer of your mobile phone. Ex Samsung Mobiles. Now go to that manufacturing company website and search for you model as there are pictures of all models you will come to know about your model also.

3.If you have see the User manual of your phone.

4.Visit the service center or showroom and ask them about the same.

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