How to make your mobile secure ?

When phone was discovered no one has thought that this small device will change the world one day. As in starting mobile phone was very costly and call rates are also very high that days. But today every-one almost every one has their own mobile phone. Before mobile phone has black and white screen but today it is multicolor pixelized screen with millions of different features. In past mobile was only to make and receive calls but today you can do almost anything with your mobile phone. Today text messages, MMS and even email are very common in mobile phones. You can browse internet book tickets, plan your tours and many much things on your ting little gadget. You can call mobile phone a mini laptop or mini computer which you can carry in your pocket and take it where ever you like or go.

Now we all know that we have many useful data like emails, messages, phone numbers, contacts, email addresses, notes in our mobile phone. Do you know that mobile phone can be very easily tracked and also hacked. Your place or location can be identified from your mobile phone. Some one can hack your cellphone and know your personal notes, emails and phone numbers. Your service provider can track you and if you are in any illegal activities you will be easily caught from your mobile phone location tracking.

Your phone contains many useful information like your credit card numbers, your ATM pins, your locker number etc. As now a days every mobile phone is GPS enabled and also Bluetooth enabled.So many hackers can hack this information. There are many security software available in market by which you can save your personal data. Off your phone Gprs when not needed and also off your Bluetooth when not needed. By this you can be 50 percent safe from hacking and tracking. Taking care a little makes you safer.

Set up password of your mobile phone as this easiest way to stop some one to access data. Password can be set up by using security features of your phone. You can also set up password for GPRS and Bluetooth. If you are unaware about this your service provider will easily help you. Do not give your phone to other people and also don't leave it alone in office or in restaurants. The main reason behind this is that spyware or hacking software can easily be inserted in your phone within few seconds and access your personal data and even your phone book. It is also possible that other people can access your phone with this spyware and software's in future. When ever you get notification on your phone that your phone is being used by other person please ensure that this is your familiar user. Don't allow unknown users to access your phone. Always allow trusted Bluetooth connection to connect with your mobile phones. Do not connect any device immediately. Make sure that that you are protected after connecting with that device,

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