How to take care of your hands in day today life

How to take care of your hands in day today life

Think for a while that what you can do with your hands. I challenge you will not able to count that what you can do with your hands. Endless list can be prepared  if we start to make list. Your hand says everything about you like how you lived your life, how much you have taken care of your body, how much hard work you are doing, how much you keep yourself clean. Anyone can can hide his or her age by showing their beautiful hands. Your hands are your personality and that is fact.

Imagine your life without your hands. I know you are afraid and feel dumb after reading this. Think that you have wear a dress of 5000 $, Sandles of 2000 $ and many more but you have no hands, how you will feel that i also have no idea.Hands are really really a very useful no matter whatever your age is. If you are with your girlfriend the first thing you do is you take her hands in your hands and so on. If you goes to any interview for job what you do is shake your hand first. So think about the importance of your hand. You cannot write without hands, you cannot cook without your hands, you cannot comb without your hands. So take care of your hands.

1. Protect the skin of your hand, you use your hand in almost every work of your day today life. Sometime it hurts, bleed, burns and many other problems. After any injury small or big take proper care and treatment of your hand.

2.In winter apply cream,Vaseline, jelly, oil to your hand  minimum 2 times a day and once in night.

3.If you are working hard job wear hand gloves.

4.Wash your hand after meal and also after toilets.

5.While driving prefer to wear driving gloves.

Hope these tips will be very useful in your day today life.

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