How to Type Easily On Iphone

How to Type Easily On Iphone

Practice makes man perfect. Iphone is designed in such a way that there is no physical typing buttons available on it. All the smart phone are designed in same way. Also in smart phone there is a multi touch screen so its more hard for a user to type correctly on multi touch screen. So it is very difficult for the user to type easily on Iphone. It is also designed in such a way that you have to type with both your thumbs or you have to keep it on table and type it with your fingers. The screen of iphone is small so you have to type all the keys on that small screen. So some times you type correctly but it shows wrong because of small screen and multi touch.

Now Follow the step to make easy typing on Iphone

1. Start typing with one hand and continue with it. Do not use other hand use it only for carrying your Iphone.

2.Give one finger to some of the alphabets so it will be like typing.

3.Practice when you are free by sending Sms or mails to your friend who do not care for spelling and grammar mistake.

4.Try with small Sms and mails.

5.Use your Iphone frequently.

5.Use Auto correct system.

No one is going to kill you if you make mistake in typing. So do not worry and and practice.

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