How To Use Facebook On Any Mobile Without Internet

If you have a phone of old age like Nokia 8910 ,Nokia 6510, Nokia 6500, Nokia 8855, Nokia 5210 which support no browser and which has no other use that making calls or using calculator or fixing alarm you still can use Facebook on that phone. And yes this is not a joke this is true. There is also possibility that you were on that place where you are not getting GPRS or EDGE at that time also you can use your any phone to use Facebook.

In India you will find many places where you face this problem but you do not have to worry about this problem as you can still use your facebook account from that remote places.

Facebook India has partner with Fonetwish to give Facebook access to every mobile at any place. You do not even need any internet or any application or not even smat phones to use the Facebook.

Now coming to the point how we can use Facebook from any mobile from any place .

Dial *325# from your mobile phone. Now enter your username and password of your Facebook account. And that it you are connected to your Facebook account. You can than send number based commands to use various Facebook features. You can chat with your online friends and add new people to your friendlist and many more things.

But this is not free but you can say it is free because you have to pay only Rs 1 per day for unlimited usage.

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