My Child Biting Nails

My Child Biting Nails

We have seen many children's have habit to bite their nails. These children's are specially in the age group of 4 to 12 years. The nail biting is common and it is a habit of children. Do not take it as a diseases its a habit. There are also some adults who have a habit of biting their nails. The person who has habit of nail biting starts biting their nails any where. In public, at restaurant, in school or college and even in toilets. As I told before this is a habit and not diseases so do not take much tension about this.

Scientific name of nail biting is ONYCHOPHAGIA. Children's are more habitat than adults. Explain your children's about this that they do not do this. Explain them that if they continue biting nails their nails will be spoiled, became short and it became ragged. Explain them that they will hurt themselves if the edges of nails comes out from skin and their are also chance of getting infection. Regularly cut their nails.

It is not a diseases but it is a habit. But it is also a tough habit and very difficult to break. The treatment of nail biting also varies depend on the identifying the reason for nail biting. Nail biting is not a problem of one country. It founds in every country.

Some medicines are available in market to apply on nails. So whenever you start biting nails you get remember about this.

But then also it is not a diseases its only a habit.

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