Tips to gain health in all fields

As it is said that health is wealth is very much true. Healthy person can enjoy his life and all the things in this world provided by nature. Health does not only mean that you are free from all diseases but the real meaning of health is you are mentally healthy,emotionally healthy, spiritually healthy in the society. Health in all this field are necessary. Think if you are a millionaire and you are not physically healthy that wealth is useless. In same case if you are not emotionally healthy or mentally healthy that wealth again is useless.

Now we see that what all this health means in your real life and what are the necessary steps you have to take to get all this health in best manner..

Physical Health

Your body is your wealth. Poor man can become rich if he is healthy and rich became poor if he is not physically fit by paying huge doctors and hospital fees. So save your body as it is the biggest wealth provided by god to you. Exercise plays a important role in keeping your health best. Be a habitat of exercise in daily life. Give at least half an hour to exercise from your daily life. Diet also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Limited your food menu avoid drinks and smoking as there is nothing in all this things its only wastage of money and life.

Mental Health

If you are mentally fit than only you will be physically fit. If you are mentally upset you can not  give time to your physical health. If you are poor than also you will be happy if you are mentally healthy. If you are mentally healthy you can keep control on your diet, your wealth, your time and in many other field. Mentally fit man can achieve every goal of his life. You can understand all the fields which invites troubles and unhappiness in your life. Do the things like meditation and rest for the mental health. Do not go after every thing in this world. Prepare your mind for the reality that getting all the things in this world is not possible.

Emotional Health

Emotions are the cause of every bad things in your life. Keep calm keep cool. Person in emotions even kills other man. So always think 10 times before you start any new work. Dont jump and think but think before jump.Because after jumping in any field its very hard to come back and if you comes out from that you will loose many important Leese of your life. Always go with positive emotions and that also after thinking for a while. Because a moment of anger destroys your whole life.

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