Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones

Unlocking Samsung Mobile Phones

Sim card are used in the phone to connect to the network or service provider. By SIM card we can identify a person who is using the phone. The SIM full form is Subscriber Information Module. Every SIM card has it own unique serial number. Mobile companies locked the SIM card so that no other network can work on that computer. But this is not done by mobile companies but they were informed and forced to do this by Network providers. For example I am the owner of XXXX network company, I contact the mobile manufacturing company and give them order that XXXX Network want 50,000 mobile handset from yoy but the condition is that handset must be locked and work only with XXXX Network company.

Now coming to the main point we purchase that handset. we do not leased that phone from company. If we leased phone from company we accept that locking is acceptable but we are purchasing it, we are owning it then why locking. Even resell price of that phone is also very low. Some handset are unlocked easily if we know correct method to unlock it by downloading some free software and and entering unlocking code. As we are taking here about Samsung mobiles so i can tell you that unlocking Samsung mobile is very difficult. Samsung mobiles can be unlocked by professional only. But if you search on internet you will find many websites who sells unlocking code. Some will mail you unlocking code while some sms you. 

As we all know that there is huge competition going on between network service provider some times it gives benefits to us and some time it not good for us. Samsung is a great mobile company and its handsets are amazing and with great features. But locked phone is not good for the company like Samsung. Samsung phones are hard to unlock but it is possible. Some of the company offers that you send your locked mobile phone without sim to them and they will return your phone after unlocking it in return of few bucks.

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