Why we smoke ?

It is said that on one end of cigarette there is fire and on other end there is fool.What you feel when you smoke do you feel any adventure or any fun? the answer is no. No adventure no fun in smoking only loose of money, health and life. We see slogan on the packet of cigarette like " The complete man" but the truth is smoker is not complete man he is incomplete. Smoker waste his hard earned money in smoking. He or she not only harms themselves but also their surrounding persons and also environment.

The reality is every 6 seconds a victims of smoking dies in this world. It means that every minute 10 people dies in this world because of smoking. If you are a smoker that think what happens to your family, child and wife after you. Are you doing correct?

Don't smoke if you want to live a good healthy life. Take a right decision now at this moment that you will never smoke and keep your family happy and healthy.

Today number of smokers are increasing in this world don't put your name in that. As per survey every year 500000 people dies because of the lungs diseases and that that disease comes due to smoking. Think that the amount you are spending on smoking, if the same amount you spend on your family or you child education or to help poor child how mentally you will be pleased.

So from today think twice before buying a packet of cigarette. I know its not easy to qit smoking but nothing is impossible if man decide.

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