How to unlock Idea Netsetter - Tutorial

Idea Netsetter is widely used as it is very fast and easy to use. If you are in traveling or working out side idea Netsetter is very useful for your online work.

Idea Netsetter is locked so you can only use particular service provider sim card to use internet.

If you want to use another network sim you have to unlock Idea Netsetter.

To Unlock Follow Below Steps..
Unlocking Idea Netsetter is easy you have to flash the firmware and for this you need a software.

You can download That software from here.

Download Here

After Downloading this software connect your  Idea Netsetter with your PC through USB.

You will be asked to enter unlock code of the Idea Netsetter.

Now install and run above software and your Idea Netsetter will be unlocked.

You are done. Your Netsetter is now unlocked.

Please note that do not remove your Netsetter until it is fully flashed or it will get corrupted.

This article is only for educational purpose.

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