Why we Snore and how to stop it ?

I snore so loudly that my husband cannot sleep. Sometime my child start crying and get afraid. My weight is 105 Kg and my height is 72 Inch. As per doctor my weight must be 80 Kg. Snoring is a big problem all over. Out of 10 people 8 has this snoring problem. But today all of my problem has gone and i live a happy life. This comes true by some strict restriction and little hard work. Follow the below steps and enjoy the healthy sleep.

Control in food

I have started taking green vegetable for full three months. Tomatoes and cucumber are my daily meal and I also drink mung water and coconut water in morning. When i started this my weight was around 104 Kg. In first week i loose 3.7 Kg and there was a great difference in the sound of my snoring. In next week i loose 2.8 Kg and there was a little problem in my thighs as of cut of fat in my body. In next 15 days i loose more 5.9 and there was pain and burning in my stomach and thighs and i also feel some weakness. But the great thing which come in my life is a night without soaring. This happens on 24 th day of my first month fight. My husband told me in the morning that you are not snoaring in night. 

That was the happiest moment in my life. Fat plays important role in snoring. so as much as we reduce fat from out body snoring also will be in control.  We have to always keep our health in mind. Every step we take must be lesser giving problmem to pur health. As i am not a doctor so i do not have a medical dictonary in my mind sop i have explained you this in my own words.

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