Pantech Renue Launched By AT&T With Price Tag Of 120$

ATT today released a new cheap or budget phone from Pantech. Pantech Renue phone runs on Qualcomm's BREW platform and has basic features such as 3.2-inch QVGA toucscreen display and a 3 megapixel rear camera.  The Pantech Renue was specially designed to be able to withstand everyday wear and tear, and the best thing about this smartphone would be the relatively cheap price of just $69.99 a pop – albeit with a new 2-year contract and after a mail-in rebate, of course.

How to Stop Sweaty Armpits

Have you seen people whose whose armpits shirt part always keep wet. If you are among those people don't worry we have many solutions to completely stop those annoying armpits from sweating excessively. Stopping sweaty armpits is not only possible to do, but something that others have completely stopped altogether. If you have such problem you can stop this in no period time.

BlackBerry PlayBook 10-inch Will Be Soon In Your Hand

BlackBerry PlayBook 10-inch Will Be In Your Hand Soon. From long time it has been spectulated that Research in Motion will launch 10-inch version of its PlayBook tablet. But no one is confim about that but now there has been so concrete evidence about the same being in the works.

3 Million Downloads for Apple's Mountain Lion In Four Days

Apple has released its new operating system for Apple's Mountain Lion on Wednesday 25th July 2012. As per the Apple 3millions Mac user have downloaded  Mountain Lion till Sunday. It means that 3 million copies of  new operationg system Apple's Mountain Lion in just four days. This make it the fastest launch of an Apple operating system ever.

Transferr Instant Money From Post Office With SMS

Postal Department of India is launching instant money remittance scheme, mobile remittance scheme, in tie-up with the BSNL infrastructure by next month. This is informed by Sobha Koshy (Chief Postmaster General Kerla Circle. First phase of scheme will cover selected states like Kerala, Bihar, New Delhi and Punjab. This announcement is done by Koshy after  releasing a special postal cover in connection with the ruby jubilee celebrations of Kottayam Press Club.

A Robot That Walks And Jump On Water

The first bio-inspired microbot is capable of not just walking on water but jumping up and down on the water's surface like the insect, a study shows.Qinmin Pan and colleagues from Harbin Institute of Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, reported a number of advances toward tiny robots that can walk on water.

CENT SAHYOG Loan Upto 1 Crore From Central Bank Of India Without Gaurantee

To Enable small business grow big Central Bank Of India has started CENT SAHYOG loan scheme. This Loan is for micro and small enterprise.

Apple Launching New iPhone And iPad Mini On September 12

Cupertino based company is going to launch new iPhone and iPad on September 12. This news is reported on iMore an Apple focused blog.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 Now Available For Rs. 21,999

As usaal and following all electronics items Samsung Galaxy Tab 730  price has also dropped to Rs. 21,999 as listed by

Windows Phone 8 Detailed Features and Specification Leaked

Windows Phone 8 is going to be released in this autumn. As in June 2012 it is announced that Windows Phone 8 is going to be released soon.  All believe that Microsoft will be back in the market with the launch of new operating smartphone. While some features made it to the event, others have recently surfaced owing to a Software Development Kit leak earlier in the week.

Samsung Omnia Launched With Price Tag of 18,650

Samsung Omnia was announced in May 2012. Now Officially launched in India with a price Tag of 18650.
On Snapdeal the price of Samsung Omnia is 17990. But the price on Samsung India's eStore is 16400. User can get the phone from Samsung eStore. The Samsung Omnia is successor of the Omnia W.

50 Percent People Say No To 'Facebook phone'

From many days we are hearing that Facebook is busy with the mobile manufacturing company for making their own phone.Building its own device could allow the site to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone's different functions.

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At Same Time On Firefox

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts At Same Time On Firefox

Gmail is is very popular  among the internet user. Gmail provide lots of free space to store your important mails with important documents and also with important attachment. Many interesting, useful and new features are there because of which people are more attracting towards Gmail. Some people have multiple account on Gmail. But it is difficult and lengthy procedure to sign out from one account and login to another account.

Easily Install Windows 8 On Pen Drive In 3 Steps

Many of you are waiting to taste new and latest edition of Microsoft. Many Talk, Many Reviews, and large wave of rumors are going on for Microsoft New Editition Known as Windows 8. Many are eagerly waiting to have first look of Windows 8 on your PC screen. Installing Windows 8 on PC which runs Windows 7 or Windows XP is not a hard task you can easily do it. However, before that, the pain of burning the downloaded ISO file on a DVD or on a USB pen drive to get the installation ready also makes it a killing task. We shall show you how you can relax and enjoy the complete features of Windows 8 on your existing PC without going through any of the above cumbersome exercises and run the new operating system in less than half the time.

Read This BSNL new Android ICS Tablet

Smartphones have change the world and now its time for Tablets. Tablets are going so cheaper that now the time is coming when we see the Tablets with chai wala and pan mobile. Grandpa BSNL is now in the business of Tablet with the help of Pantel Technologies Private Limited.

Z-909 Plus - Rs 3699 Tablet Launched By Zync

Zync Global Private Limited has launched Z-909 Plus. The Cheap Tablet For Indian User. This is really a huge competition going in the market of Tablet. Before Two days i have informed you about cheap tablet launched by Swipe Telecom for Indians. And today one more cheap tablet is launched by Zync Global Private Limited

Direct Update Your Facebook Status From Outlook

Facebook play in mind of whole world. Facebook has now started to erase the memories of Orkut,Myspace and many other social networking sites. Yahoo Messenger is the widely used messenger before 5 years but today hardly 2 or 3 percent of internet user using it for chatting.

How To Know My Prepaid Account Balance In Airtel ?

How To Know My Prepaid Account Balance In Airtel ? 

To Know Airtel Prepaid Mobile Account Balance
Dial  *123# for getting the balance and validity as message on Airtel Mobile

Search On Google By Wiritting With Your Hand

When you are traveling specially on Indian road it is very difficult to stay stable. You can not stay stable while traveling. And If you are using your smartphone to search something on Googlewhile traveling it is very difficult to type something in Google search box. You either end up cursing your phone for not co-operating or yourself for bearing large fingers.

Online Portal For Ragging complaints

Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal has made first great moves towards ragging happening in whole country. On Thursday Kapil Sibal launched an anti-ragging website to help students of various universities , colleges and professional institute. Any victim can lodge online complaints against ragging or harassment and seek faster response.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Black is the world when you close the eyes and colorful is the world when you open the eyes. This line was said by Mukhtar Ahmed. Ite me. Little funny. Ok coming to the point eyes are very useful part and you will not carry out any work without eyes. As eyes are invaluable gift by God to us. So here i am providing some useful tips to take care of your eyes.

Sony Xperia LT30p Images Leaked Before Announcement

Sony Xperia LT30p is going to unveiling at IFA 2012. Sony Xperia LT30p is also known as Mint. Sony Xperia LT30p images and features are leaked. The new Sony device seems to have spent some time with the good people at Mobile Review, ahead of its launch. The site has not only revealed the specifications of the device, but also quite a few images of its form factor and custom UI running on top of Google Android 4.0 ICS.

Creating A Fake Facebook Status

Facebook, Facebook-Tricks, Facebook-Tips, Facebook-Hacks, Facebook-fun, Facebook-Status, Facebook-Funny-Status, Facebook-Wall

We are going to learn how we can create Fake Facebook Status by using Facebook Application.

Computer games may be turning your kids violent

computer-games, video-games, kids -game, violent-kids, violent-computer-games, stolen-games, behavior- games
Computers game which is now necessary part of life for the children can make your child violent.  If your notice that your child behavior changing violent the first thing to check is which type of games your is playing. If you notice exhibiting violent behavior ban him or her from playing computers game. Because it In Britain children as young as five are being sent out of classrooms routinely for attacking fellow students and teachers. The kids who are usually found literally lost in the world of computer games are becoming violent in behavior. This type of incidents in the school are on the peak.

Five Smart Phones Camera For Your Perfect Shots

Samsung Galaxy S III Camera, Nokia PureView 808 Camera, HTC One X Camera, Nokia N8 Camera, Sony Xperia S, Best Camera, Camera Phones, Smart Phones Camera, Best Camera, Camera phones
In previous time when you go for a picnic or tour, you are going to attend a party or organize a party you like that you have best camera with you to capture your best moment and show to your friends, family and world. But today the thing is different your mobile phone device do it all for you.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Detailed Features And Specification

Samsung Announced Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 recently to be launched in coming time. This Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 is Smart phone with great features and functionality. As no time perfect time is declared when its hitting market we can only say that It will be in market till the end of August.After long waiting good dual SIM phone with dual camera is going to be in your pocket soon.

India's First 3D Tablet Launched By Swipe Telecom

Country's First 3D Tablet with other range of Tablets are Launched by Swipe Telecom. Swipe Telecom is US based company has launched wide range of Tablets for the Indian Market. Cheap Tablets In Price are in Range of INR 5999.00 to INR 6999.00. One Tablet with phone facility is priced at INR 8999.00. The 3D tablet is called Swipe Tab X745 and is priced at INR 5999.00. This the the first time for an Indian market having 3D Tablet with so cheap price.

How To Upgrade To OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has launched OS X Mountain Lion yesterday 25July 2012. If you are using Mac you have chance to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion. The cost of upgrade is 19.99 US$. But if you have purchased your Mac Computer after July 2011 then you have chance to upgrade your system free.

Apple's Mac OS Mountain Lion Launched -

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was released by Apple Inc On Wednesday July 26 2012. Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is made for MacIntosh computers. Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lioncost is 19.99 US$ and it will available from downloads only. Free upgrade of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lioncost is available to the users who have bought Mac Computer on or after June 2011.

Convert Any File Online With Cometdocs

Sometime it is possible that you have very important file which you want to see as soon as possible. But you don't have extension on operating system or software to view that file. What you will do you start googling to view that file and you will found thousands of software which charge you to view that file.

Finally You Will Download Your Old Tweets On Twitter

Twitter is developing a tool that will allow users to download file to recover their previous tweets.Presently there is no method available by which user can downloads their old tweets any any form. You ahve to forgot after your tweets.

Google 34 Button Calculator To Solve Scientific Queries

Google built in-calculator function is now integrated with visual interface. Google built in-calculator show 34 buttons. Google built in-calculator calculates sines, cosines and tangents along with logs, radians and also features dedicated buttons for Pi and Euler's number. Interesting just queastion and get answer in seconds.

Rs 129 BlackBerry Messenger Plan From Reliance

Reliance Communication also offer Blackberry Messenger Service for Rs 129. As other operatores like Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Airtel, And Idea were already offered similar plan with same price to its Blackberry users. The obvious target for this tariff is the price-conscious, BBM-crazy student segment.

Download Unlimited For Free On BSNL Limited Plan

Bypassing billing server of BSNL will success this trick. But this is not possible for any human and only softwares can do this. If you are BSNL broadband user and you are using Pay Per Use plans this is the best trick for you. In this trick proxy tunneling techinque will work to by pass billing proxy of BSNL server. After reading and following steps you will be able to surf unlimited and download unlimited files from internet.
This trick is working by making connection to internet through freedom server not through bsnl billing proxy server.

XP And Vista Will Not Run Microsoft 2013

Microsoft has recently announced Office 2013.  They have also make users to upgrade their old XP and Vista on Windows 8. As Windows XP and Vista is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2013. This made force upgrade for the user who want to use Microsoft Office 2013 and using XP and Vista.

Get Ready For Best 8 Features Of Microsoft Office 2013

As seen in customer preview of the new Microsoft Office releases by Microsoft Corporation. Great feature are developed in Microsoft Office 2013. Intuitive design that works with touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard across new Windows devices, including tablets. The new, modern Office will deliver unparalleled productivity and flexibility for both consumers and business customers. It is a cloud service and will fully light-up when paired with Windows 8.

Do Weight-Lifting To Sharp Memory Power

Title seems interesting and little funny too. What is the connection of weight lifting and Memory ? But this is true.

You can do weight lifting to increase your memory power. Weight lifting and Aerobics are not only important to build muscles and make your body strong but also it helps in making your memory power strong.

Small Connector In New Apple iPhone 5

Tech giant Apple will replace small connecter in its new Apple iPhone 5. Rendering current accessories potentially obsolete, according to a report.The iPhone 5 will come with a 19-pin connector port at the bottom instead of the proprietary 30-pin port ‘to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom’.

Unsuitable Photos on Facebook Make You Jobless

Now Facebook has started taking jobs of the people. The Social Media Leader Facebook now starts taking bread and butter from people. If you are using Facebook and if your profile or walls has unsuitable photos you can loose job. This is new research and its 100% true.

LG Optimus 4X HD Hitting Indian Market With Rs. 34,990 Price Tag

Finally LG has decided to launched his first Quad-Core Smartphone LG Optimus 4X HD in Indian market with with a price of  Rs. 34,990. LG Optimus 4X HD is Android 4.0 ICS baced phone which is really true and new experience for Indian mobile lovers. LG Optimus 4X HD hit the market next week in August 2012.

Google Protect Languages Struggling For Existence

A Giant Internet company who help millions of people of the world now going to save the languages which are struggling for existence. Google has started platform to provide exchanges for more than 3000 languages struggling to make their existence in this world. Google has cover the languages which used by small group of peoples are mostly covered in this 3000 website. This is the best move by google to save ancient history of the world.

Ways To Keep Your Blood Sugar Balanced In Type 2 Diabetes

Today 68.89% people are suffering from Diabetes. And out of that 68.89, I think 60% thinks that to keep their blood sugar balanced they have to cut out foods loaded with more sugar. This is no doubt true but there are many other things they have to perform to maintain their blood sugar level. No matter you have Type 2 Diabetes or not you must have to understand what are the other things we have to perform to maintain blood sugar. If you are not Type 2 Diabetic you must know how you can prevent it to enter in your life. If you are suffering from over-weight you also weight loose by performing this tips.

LG 580A Battery - LG Handsets Commanding Battery

Mobile-Phone has become very  essential part of our life. Mobile-Phone helps us to to get connected with friends, family and business clients. Mobile Phone helps you in problematic conditions like power outages, flight delays or stuck in a lonely place due to car breakdown. But which part of Mobile phone make it possible for you to stay connected with friends, family and business clients for a long time. Mobile Battery  is the answer. So it is good idea to use original battery or keep an extra battery with you depends on your handset.

Read This Before Unlocking Your Any Mobile Phone

Thinking of unlocking your Mobile-Phone.No problem go ahead after reading benefits of unlocking your Mobile Phone. You have paid full amount of device than also you are abide to use particular and limited service. This is really not good. If we think about past it is risky to unlock your Mobile Phone as it void warranty, but this days its changed. You can unlock any mobile phone by acquiring unlock codes from online unlock code provider. And you dont have to loose your warranty also.

Many Are Facing Problems In Youtube Comments

There is problem going on in posting comments on YouTube. As when we click on reply button nothing happens. When we type in text box nothing happens. There is no official announcement about this issue from YouTube but there are many people who are facing same type of problem. As we read people are saying that they are facing this problem from last 4 to 5 days. As of i am writting on 22 July 2012 5:14 IST

5 Foods To Maintain Your Age

Every one yes Everyone want to remain young. Live Young and Die Young. Not possible for any one. But there are certain things which you have to do and keep in mind to be youngsters till long time.Antioxidants helps your skin looking beautiful.Anti-inflammatory fight inflammation, inside and out, and also help to keep wrinkles away.

Tips To Connect LG Quantum To PS3

You need Data Cable to connect LG Quantum Multimedia Mobile Phone with PlayStation 3. As both  LG Quantum Multimedia Mobile Phone and PlayStation 3 are USB-compatible so you will not find any difficulty toconnect both the device with each other. You can connect LG Quantum to PS3 like you connect in your PC. The main purpose of connection between the two devices is transfer multimedia files such as audio and video from the phone to the gaming console.

Unlocked iPhone Android And Windows Phone Needs Format To Accept Downloads

If your phone is unlocked than you can use any Network Service Provider. But if your Mobile is recently unlocked then there is possibility that your Mobile Phone not able to use with all the features. If you are facing problem using features like downloading updates and applications using unlocked phone.You have to set it to Factory Reset. Formatting your mobile phone to factory reset is compulsory to solve problem like this.

Surprise Your Friend Sending Image In Facebook Chat Box

Think you are chatting on Facebook with your girlfriend and your conversation is so hot that you want to send a picture of flying kiss to your girlfriend what you will do. Nothing because Facebook Chat don't allow you to send Images in chat.

Block all Facebook Apps Together

Thousands of application are created every day by developers and all want that there application get popularity. You get many request everyday to access application. If the application is of your interest than there is no issue. But if it is not of your interest than there is little irritating and boring. You feel like spamming. Everyday you get invitation from friends, family members, colleague, and many others whom you have never seen in real life. If you ignore it some other will send you, if you accept it it start filling your wall.

Update Facebook Status With Blue Hyperlink

Facebook is the number one social networking site.Being the number one site, Facebook has very less bugs.Its not like Orkut where we can flood,spam and do whatever we like.But nothing remains perfect.So here i am sharing a simple trick to write status as Blue Hyperlink Tag on Facebook.

Temporarily Disable Automatic Update Reboot In Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 you will have experience that Windows 7 Updates needs reboot.It is very irritated when you are working or surfing internet or reading useful or interesting articles. When Windows 7 completes it start making problem for us by regularly popping up and saying to reboot. But there is solution to Temporarily Disable Automatic Update Reboot In Windows 7.

Get 7 GB Additional Extra Space On Your Hard-Disk

Everyday new Applications, Software, Music, Videos and games are introduced to taste. So we download the new things of our interest.

But We have limited space on our hard-disk. And we have to limit our downloading. Some people have stopped downloading and installing new files because they are already running out of memory. Here we will learn how we can get extra 7 GB space on our hard-disk. You don't have to do much work for this and you will get it easily.

Rip And Convert Video On VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is very popular now a days. It play any format you threo on it. VLC Media Player is one of the best media player among all media player. VLC Media Player is free and it can perform all tasks which a paid service Media Player can do. VLC Media Player cannot only play all media format but beside this It can perform many other tasks.

5 Small Business and Jobs You Can Operate From Home

If you have time and some money and want to start small business this article will be very useful to you. If you want to give more time to your family or if you have small kids or if you are at home for any reason you can start working from home. It depends on you and your skill and your previous experience that what you will decide to do. It is not possible for anyone to start a big business due to lack of money and space and atmosphere. Here I am going to show you some opportunities by which you can start working from home.

Avoid AdF.LY Links Time In Firefox And Chrome

AdF.LY is URL shorting website which allows its users to short their long URL. User put that URL in forums, websites, etc. When some one click on that link he has to see AdF.LY advertisement and then he reach to the webpage which he is looking for. For that advertisement AdF.LY and the user both earn money.123

But there are ways by using that you can directly visit that webpage after clicking AdF.LY link. The main reason behind avoiding AdF.LY link is people are reusing the service.

For Example : is shorted by using AdF.LY service and the shorten link is now i again shorten and get now i again shorten and get and put that link for the use of people. Now the person who want some information have to see AdF.LY advertisement 4 times means at least 2 minutes. This is really frustrating. All this done is toearn more money.

Get Rid Of Trojan Horse From Your Laptop

If you are download and uploading files anonymously, watching adult or hacking websites websites, using pen  drive or flash drive who regularly travels different computers you are giving invitation to Trojan horse or other viruses to your Laptop. Trojan Horse is a different type of virus which allows its creator to use and access Laptop which is infected. Trojan Horse is designed in the ways that hacker can steal private data or use a system. This gives hacker opportunity to use your system as bot net to perform automated spamming or to distribute Denial-of-service attacks. Password stealing, Money Theft, Private documents leaking etc are performed by the hacker with the help of Trojan Horse. Trojan Horse also perform task like deleting files, crashing your computer, reduce computer processing speed, auto logging to accounts, etc. Trojan Horse has ability to disable your Task Manager,  Block Cltr+Alt+Delete+ action. It also stop installing new software which are used to delete this virus.

How To Save Pocket Money ?

Everyone loves and like to spend money on their favorite things. Some spend on food, Some spend on clothes, Some on cosmetics, some on jewellery, Some on girlfriends and some on family. Everyone has reason to spend money every-time. Always remember spending is easy but earning is hard. And once you spend you will not get that money back If you get pocket money from your parents, or if you taking out from your salary its your responsibility to spend it in the way that you do-not need extra pocket money till your parents give you again on scheduled time or till next salary. You are the person who decide where, when, how and how-much to spend. I am writing some points below which will help you to save your pocket money.

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo Detailed Features And Specification

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo is dual  Sim mobile phone is going to be launched next month in UK. As per Expansys the price of Acer Liquid Gallant Duo £148.99or  $232.It is officially announced that Acer Liquid Gallant Duo is launched in month of August 2012. Acer has added a new Android smartphone in his smartphone series. Lets see some features and Specification of Android smartphone Acer Liquid Gallant Duo.

6 Admirable Adobe Touch Apps

Adobe has wide range of programs like Adobe Air, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PDF Reader. All this programs are in huge demand today and market only has one name Adobe. Every one who use computer at-least use Adobe program once in a day. Adobe has recently added some Admirable apps for smartphones. All of these has some function which cannot be replaced by any other application.Let’s check what new apps has been included in mobile app market.

Check 5 Things Before Buying Any Mobile-Phone

Deciding to buy a new phone than you must have to read this article. Because all human ae same in nature and all have same kind of question in there mind about new things. And if the subject is mobile than the thing is something different. Most of the people have mobile today but every one is thinking to upgrade or buying new one. Mobile is a geat discovery which makes this world very small. Today in market Mobile manufacturers are dumping new mobile with new features every day. So it is ou who have to decide what you need. Because you are the one who is goig to spend.

How to Disable User Account Control On Windows 7 And Vista

How to Disable User Account Control On Vista

1.Open up Control Panel

2. Type UAC  into the search box.

You will see a link for Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off.

Stop Digital Electric Meter With Tv Remote

This is to inform you all that this trick is only for educational purpose and we do not take any responsibility of the happening by performing this trick. This trick is to show the loop hole only and not for any illegal purpose.

How to Unlock Airtel 3G Data Card -Huawei E173

After reading this article you will be expert in unlocking  3G Data Card  like Huawei E 173, E 1731,Huawei E1732 & E 175,Huawei E153and other models. This can also to used to unlock any Data card like Idea netsetter,Aircel dongles  permanently Follow these simple 10 steps to unlock your wireless USB modem.But before doing unlocking we frst must know why we are doing this?

No 64GB In Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Many people are waiting for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S[phe III 32GB and 64GB. As when Samsung announc I9300 Galaxy S III they mentioned that Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III will available in three varieties of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. But the chances are less because UK retailer Expansys has cancelled its orders for 64 GB Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III.

Before Buying Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Read This

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III available in two colors Pebble Blue and Marble White. Both colors device have great and [phedecent look. Samsung has its own name in creating own looks and features. After Galaxy S III they have tried to do a something special and they have taken full year to do this.  Instead of quad-core beast packs a 720p Super AMOLED screen and a massive battery they get success in keeping Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III slim.The Price is no doubt little high for middle class but its features are as per its price.

Install And Play Nokia Games On LG Mobiles

When you stat searching games for your LG mobiles you will found thousands o websites which gives you option to download games for Nokia mobiles. Little frustrating  and really not good f you are using LG mobile. It takes lots of time to find games for LG mobiles. It is also possible that specific game which you are finding for your LG mobile only available for Nokia mobile. Thousand of websites and wapsites provide games for Nokia but there are few which provides games for LG mobiles. Sometime we forgot what we are searching for. But there are ways by which we can install your favorite Nokia games on LG java supported mobiles. 

Free And Best Five VPN Sotwares For Hidden Browsing

Virtual Private Network refers to the secure way of connecting to a Local Area Network using encryption through the Internet or another type of public network.Virtual Private Network short name is VPN.Some of The Best And Free VPN You can download by clicking on name of any VPN listed below

Install Games With a Cable On Mobile

People are fond of p[phelaying games. Everyone has mobile today and everyone have played games on their mobiles. As all mobiles allow us to import data like photos, videos, music and games. If you want to transfer games on mobile from your computer you can do it via USB cables. USB cables comes with the phones. If you have original USB cable it is best because that cable is tested in manufacturing company with the device that it is working fine with the device or not. It is compatible with that device or not. Is their any error while using this USB cable with this device or not. No doubt i is costly but it is made specially only for and for that mobile only.

Back Up Contacts On iPhone, Blackberry And Android

The three major mobile platforms Iphone, Android and BlackBerry provide the option to create a back up of your contacts and save it on computer hard disk. As mobile computing is now mainly based on cloud storage and it make it difficult to create backup that is stored locally on your computer. As Iphone and BlackBerry still provide you facility to crate backup by connecting USB cable. But the method and backup procedures of Android is different as you have to do it through cloud-based Google account.

What is Airplane Mode In Mobile Phone

Turning of wireless signals and allows the Mobile-Phone to perform approved activities during air travel is called Airplane mode. Today most of all device like Tablet computers, Laptops, Mobile devices, Smartphone use use various type of services like, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS to communicate. These services signals interfere with aircraft electronic system and communication. To resolve these problem Mobile manufacturers developed a mode which can turned off all this radio signals.

Set Schedule Post For Twitter

Bitly a website used to make long url short specially used in twitter has conducted a study in May 2012. This study is related to popularity of the link.The result comes with some strange points which says that popularity of links not only depend on its contents but posting time also matters. The links which are tweeted between 1 to 3 PM ET from Monday to Thursday are more popular. This links are more clicked than other time posted links. If you are actively engaged with other social networks like Facebook, Myspace and many others it is very difficult on tweeter to Follow others, tweeting, replying and retweeting are time consuming. So you can use Third party Application like TweetDeck and Hoosuite to schedule your tweets automatically.

Keep Distance of 3 meters from Smoking Person

If you are standing near smokers at a distance of 2.6 meters it is very dangerous. This is revealed by the study of University of Otago, New Zealand. After studying for five week by public health researchers, It was found that when smokers smokes it is dangerous to stand near them at a distance of 2.6 meters. The air is 70% more polluted and the amount of fine particles were found in more quantity than a normal space.

Virus in your Pen-Drive

We all know that today flash drive is widely used instead of floppy drive and CD. CD and floppy drive are now the things of past. USB flash drive are widely used by user today. People prefer to put their personal data on their pen-drive. As pen drive is very small and easy to transfer from one place to another people use them in more than one computers. And that is the reason that pen-drives are virus carrier.

High Court Lift Bans From 200 SMS Per day

Today on Friday July 13 2012 Delhi High court has lift ban from the 200 SMS per day from single SIM for personal use but this Ban is still on its place on commercial use. A two-judge bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw of the Delhi High Court quashed the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) regulation that said an individual could not send more than 200 text messages per day from a single SIM.The bench, however, made a distinction for unsolicited commercial calls and said that the restriction imposed by the TRAI on them was valid.

400000 Yahoo Usernames and Passwords hacked. Check Are You Among Them

Do you know the strange and threat able news which yahoo have announced on Thursday. If no than read below.

Yahoo has confirmed that its user generated contributor network Yahoo Voices was the subject of massive data breach. More than 400000 username and passwords are hacked or stolen from Yahoo server.  Not officially announced but beside Yahoo, Gamil, MSN, Hotmail and AOL accounts username and passwords are also hacked. Yahoo! Voices allows you to sign in with non- Yahoo email accounts.

Facebook New Feature Find Friends Nearby

Facebook has launched a useful feature called "Find Friends Nearby". The Famous and The Popular Social Network for all type and generation people Facebook has make it possible to find friends who is on Facebook network any stay nearby your current location. This feature of Facebook is little controversial but also useful.

This app will make it easier for the people to search friends who meet in real life. Accourding to Facebook developer Ryan this app is designed to find friends whith whom you have meet in real life as i also described above. Find Friends Nearby feature will let you quickly locate the person standing next to you among the millions of people with profiles on Facebook. 

This Application features will active when you have the app open. So no one can find you if you aren’t also looking. This feature will not let you send friend request and it also do not provide detailed information about people found by this application. If you are finding a person by this feature that person also have this application turned on.

This feature works on Smartphones. Now this feature is available in on iOS and Android. There is possibility that you will not able to see this app but you can check for the updated version of this Features. 

Hire Or Rent Girlfriend On Facebook For 5 Bucks

Dont you have girl friend on Facebook? Don"t worry yo0u can hire one by only paying 5$. This is not a joke its true. Did you have ever seen your friend chatting with a hot girlfriend on Facebook. And that girlfriend is praising your friend and flirting with him. Dont worry you can also have this girlfriend by just paying 5$ per week. It is possible that your friend has hired a Facebook Girlfriend to make you jealous.

No this is very common that people are hiring Facebook Girlfriends to make and show other people that he has hot girlfriend on Facebook. They only have to pay 5$ to do this. There are plenty of gigs websites available providing this service popular among this. The contract between you and Facebook Girlfriend is for a week for 5$.  She will post on your wall or on your Facebook page. Some more offers available is for 14 and 21 days. You also have option that from which country you want Facebook girlfriend. So it is you who have to decide that from which country you want girlfriend.

By paying 5$ they will do as you want. They will post comments on your Facebook page. You can decide which type of comment and on which topic they comment on your Facebook Page.If you want they will post flirty message, some hot pictures and whatever you like for the period of gig. It is you who have to decide that what type of work you want to take out from them. Large number of options are available you have to choose from them.

If you like a girl but he is not giving you a response this is the way to impress her. You can impress her by showing comments and flirty message of hired Facebook Girlfriend. But if you don't have girlfriend and your friends making you jealous by showing their girlfriends this is the option to make them quite. Hired Facebook Girlfriend is also helpful in making your ex-girlfriend jealous. You can make her jealous by showing her new hot Facebook girlfriend and her hot and romantic comments. If you want to make your present girl friend jealous than also this is the best way.

But this is a matter of money, Your Facebook Girl friend will not wait a single minute after the contract period finish. But there are chances that your present girlfriend will come to you when ever you call her and there are also chances that your ex-girlfriend will come to you by seeing all this fake hired Facebook Girlfriend and impressed by you.

Something Special About Motorola ATRIX HD MB886

Motorola is going to launch Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 very recently. It is said that Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 will be in market in July 2012. We can say that Motorola ATRIX HD MB886  is successor of Atrix smart phone with some great and powerful specification like operating system of Android OS, v4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Dual-core 1.5 GHz and big display screen of 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches (~326 ppi pixel density) with Multitouch ability.

Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 is built with DuPont Kevlar fiber to provide incredible strength and stability. It has nice look and stylish stand out. Corning Gorilla Glass used for scratch resistant and to maintain its big screen color boost. 

Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 supports 2G network, 2G network and 4G network. Motorola ATRIX HD MB886  with 4G LTE connectivity to provide 10x faster speed than 3G and it has got 1.5 Ghz dual core processor which is 2x times faster than other single core engine. This comes comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled which altogether provides a new unified user interface for easy multitasking, rich notifications and re sizable widgets.

8 Megapixel --- yes its true. 8 Megapixel camera with LED and auto focus can give your image and videos great clarity and and quality. High Definition video recording is also possible. Because of its 1GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory you will get great speed and storage. You also have facility of adding extra card slot up-to 32GB. For video calling it also has front camera of 1.3 Mega pixel. You can use this as webcam on Facebook, Google Hangout and many more other supported applications. Various Google services like Google +, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Play Store is certainly for various applications needs.

Motorola ATRIX HD MB886 dimension is 133.5 x 69.9 x 8.4 mm with a weight of 140g and it is Splash resistant.

Motorola ATRIX HD MB886  is loaded with some new features like auto reply to certain calls and auto text. With  AT & T it will make its first debut in United States

Airtel 3G Unlimited Use For Free

By using third party software to bypass the APN you can use unlimited 3G data plan from Airtel. This trick is new and 100% working to access unlimited 3g on Airtel. To do this trick you have to spend some money so do it at your own risk.

Activate small 3G plan of Airtel. with at least one month validity. In this Unlimited 3G trick we are just going to disable the data balance counter by bypassing it. It means when you surf or download anything your data will not be deducted. Fox this bypass we will use a software called HexVPN. You can download this software Here (Download HexVPN). This trick works on both mobile and data card. As i suggest before to activate small 3G plan of Airtel. with at least one month validity. Activate 45 Rs 3G plan with 30 days validity and 150 MB of usage data.

After activating the plan on Airtel download and install HexVPN .Now make a connection by using the default mobile office APN as your access point.Once you are connected, open HexVPN and connect to any server to get the free unlimited 3g on Airtel.

Thats it. You are done. Now enjoy Unlimited 3G  Internet for full 30 days. Don't forget to disconnect from internet every 45 minutes or your data plan will be blocked. So disconnect your Internet every 45 minutes.
Once you disconnect and connect again your 400kb will be deducted from 150MB account.

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Password To open HexVPN is

Tatkal Booking New Rules Applying From July 10 2012

 Indian Railways has revised timing of Tatkal Booking from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Now you don't have to wake up @ 6:00 AM to get your Tatkal tickets from July 10 2012. For Online Tatkal Booking, booking  starts at 12:00 PM. No one including Authorized Agents, and IRCTC Employee can book online Tatkal tickets before 12:00 PM. This will prevent touts from taking Tatkal tickets for some bucks and entering in their pocket. You can book Tatkal tickets of your journey in one day advance. 

Note: (If you want to Go to Ahmadabad from Jaipur on 11th July. And if train is departing from Delhi on 10th and arriving on Jaipur on 11th of July. You will not get Tatkal Ticket of that train on 10th July you have to make Tatkal Booking on 9th July. As Tatkal Booking Applying on Trains Departing Date and not Arrival of any stations.)

This is nice decision by Indian Railways, This will keep touts from booking tickets as Tatkal booking starts. Beside Tatkal The Indian Railways have retained the restriction imposed on agents from booking general reserved tickets on the opening day for two hours, from 08:00 AM 10:00 AM to allow the general public to book tickets 120 days in advance. 

Free Calling From Your Smartphone Using Skype

Today in the lightning speed of discovery and inventions every thing is going easy day by day. Do you remember the days when you have to go to STD booth to make STD and ISD calls. But today almost every one is with STD booth. Every one has mobile phones with great technology. Technology has make this world very small. You can contact from one end of world to another in seconds. Mobile phone was a Luxury in Past but now it is basic need of day to day life. Skype is great for free calling. Its free to download  but if you want to make calls to another mobile you have to pay. Skype is developed for computers to make free calls from computer to computer. But now it is also developed for Smartphones. If you want to talk with some one for long time you can use Skype from your Smartphone. It will be free if the receiver has Smartphone with Skype.

Download Skype Application on your Smartphone. Application is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. You can download this application from the download store of all this device provider. It is free to download.

After downloading application setup your account on Skype. Now login to the Application on Smartphone and add your friends. Search your friend by username or email.

To make calls just select your friend's screen name for free Skype to Skype calls. Select what call you want to make Video calling or Voice calling. Enter Telephone number along with Country code if you are making calls to mobile or Landlines. This service is chargeable and you have to make purchase of available plans from Skype. If your friend is online you can also start Instant Messaging by selecting "IM" option.

Your phone use internet to do all this. 

Permenantly Delete your Facebook Account

If you want to delete your Facebook Account its easy. But your personal like your photos, friends list, messages etc on Facebook Server. But there are ways which you have to follow to remove all your data from Facebook Server. There are two options one is deactivate and other is delete it permanently. In this post we are talking deleting the Facebook account permanently. But think twice before selecting this option that will you need your Facebook account in future. If your answer is yes that only deactivate it but if your answer is no that you can go ahead with the deleting procedure of deleting your Facebook Account. Your account disappears from Facebook immediately, and you cannot recover it.

Login to your Facebook account  and delete all photos, messages, friends list. Delete all comments you have made and all messages from your wall. It take time but if you want to delete all the information from Facebook server this procedure is compulsory. Remove all Application too.
Now visit your profile page and remove all the information from it and don't forget to save changes. As it will take effect when you see it again.
Send an email to and ask them to permanently delete your account. Be sure you give your email address and put "Delete my account" in the subject line. Be clear that you want your account permanently deleted and not just deactivated.

If take time to get response from Facebook side. If you don't get response email them again but now this time email them on two more address and
After you get response from them about your account deactivation try to  login to your Facebook account if you do not  get message to activate it again your account is permanently.

Don't Login to your account after sending deactivation request email. Only login after response from Facebook.

Organise Your Birthday Party Events On Facebook

Facebook is widely used by every group of people.  Thousands of new profiles are created every day on Facebook. Social Network is so widely spread and gets so much popularity that no one has think about this five years before. Facebook provides many facilities to its user and also nice security to its user. Facebook user can do almost do everything which he do in real life. Social-media has made world so small that any one can reach any one within seconds. If you are working in Dubai and your wife and kids are in US than also you can see them whenever you like on internet.

Thousands of new applications developed by developers to make it more easy for the user of Facebook to perform different task by different people.

So we want to learn how to organize event's on Facebook.

You can organize and publicize any event using Facebook. Birthday parties, Private parties, Marriage Anniversary, Your vacation trips etc.

So to organize Events on Facebook you first login to your Facebook account .

Select "My Events" from the navigation menu.

Hit the "Create Event" button.

Enter details about your event. Don't worry you can edit it later if you have some changes.

Now you decide by selecting an option that who will able to see your created friends. Everyone, Friends or On your Invitation.

Now Click on "Create Event" and you are done. If you like you can upload photo that looks or representative your event.

Linking Twitter Account with Facebook Account.

Using Twitter on Facebook is simple process which require to enable an application to link both accounts. You can update both social media network with just on posting. Other benefits of linking Twitter with Facebook account is that friends who don't know your Facebook account come to know about that Facebook Page. The other thing is that people who are not following you on twitter will also come to know about your tweet. This application helps you to find your friends who use Twitter. Linking your Twitter account with Facebook account will help you to show your tweets on Facebook Page. It is time saving and less work procedure to use Twitter account with Facebook Account.

How to Link Twitter Account with Facebook Account.

Login to your Twitter Account.
In other Tab of your Browser Open Facebook Account.
In search box of Facebook page type Twitter.
Now Select the Twitter Application and and Click on Allow.
Click in the box next to "Facebook Profile" under "App Permissions" if you wish to allow Twitter to post your tweets to your Facebook profile.

Contacting Facebook Administrator

Social Media is widely spread among the world. Social Media is so widely spread that it is used by Celebrities, Business man, Politicians and other people of High Society. Thousands of new profiles are created every day.  Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Orkut are some of the most popular social media websites in internet world. Thousand of users are abused every day on social media networks. What they Do ? Some ignore and some try to contact administrator. Today we will try to look that how we can contact Facebook Administrator.

To contact Administrator of Facebook Follow below steps.

Login to your Facebook account using your username and password.

Navigate to Facebook page in question. In  "Write Something" box, type in a short message and ask the administrator to contact you.

Click on "Info" and you will be on the page where administration has given information to the users of  Facebook. You will find websites, email address or snail mail addresses for the business or group associated with the page. If you find any email address and throw an email to them.

When you visit help center of Facebook you will find answer of about all things.

Unlocking Nokia 6201 Phone Tips

Nokia 6201 Mobile Phone have a SIM LOCK on it. This SIM Lock will not allow you to use other network service provider SIM card on your Mobile Phone. When you enter other network service provider SIM card it will show you an error "Enter Correct SIM" "enter subsidy password," "wrong SIM," "incorrect SIM" or a similar message. because your SIM is locked by Nokia. You need to unlock your Mobile phone to use another network service provider for making calls

We are here to know the procedure of Unlocking Nokia 6201 Phone. so read below how we can do this.

Know Your Mobile Phone IEMI Number

IEMI number identifies your phone and it is a unique number of your phone. To know IEMI number of your NOKIA 6201 Mobile Phone yuo have to send one SMS. Dial #06# and press call button. Now you will see some numbers displayed on your Mobile Phone screen. Note-down your IEMI number.

Purchasing an unlock code.

You have to purchase unlock-code from online store or locally. You can search local store nearby you by or online store by Googling. Unlock to Talk.It depends on phone model that how much time it takes to find your unlock code. It takes 1 minute to one month. The average cost to unlock a Nokia phone is $50. You have to provide your phone model number and IEMI to the unloc code provider.

Unlocking By Entering Code

When you have unlock code with you you can enter the unlock code and Unlock  your Mobile phone. If you have any problem or trouble in unlocking your phone you can contact code provider and they will resolve it.

Creating New Popular Group on Facebook

If you have account on you definitely have seen  "Group" link on your Facebook page. When you click on Group Link you will able to see list of groups. Groups are nothing but virtual pages with members supporting a cause or an organization.You can also have your Group on Facebook.

To Make A New Group

Login to your Facebook account by entering  Username and Password.

Go to your Facebook Homepage.

In The Left Side you will see Groups and Below That you will able to see Create Groups with+ Sign.

Click on That and you will be able to see A Dialog Box As Below.

In That Dialog box you will be asked to enter Group Name and members to
 whom you like to join this group.

You will get three option for your group privacy that who will post and who will see this group.

So now your group is ready and you are the administrator of that group.

Hopefully useful please comment.

Steps To Format Nokia E75 Mobile Phone

Nokia E75 is the best Mobile phone in the E series of Nokia Mobile Phone. Some of its great features like Camera, Internet access, Media and Inbuilt 85 MB Memory. If you are facing problem with your Nokia E75 and want to change it to its default or factory settings you don't have to worry as factory settings will not delete data but only change settings of your phone to default settings. Your Contact Details, Phone book, Calenders will remain untouched.

To Format Nokia N75

Press the Menu button on Mobile Phone and Select Settings.

Now select factory settings under the general menu.

Its time to enter the lock code 12345 but if you have changed enter chaged Mobile Phone lock code.

Now Restart the phone and wait till it synchronizes and resets the system values.

Make Use of Mobile Phones As Tv Remote

In past Mobile Phones are only used for making and receiving calls. But today Mobile phones are so developed and advanced that with the help of applications you can use it in many useful ways. If you have smartphone you can do variety of things with the help of applications. Today's Mobile Phones have many applications by which you can use them to control your electronics devices like TV, AC, DVD player and many more. This facility is not available in all types of phones but you fill find this features in many.

In today's world every electronics device can be operated with remote control and today we are here to know how we can use our cell phone as TV remote. There are many ways to change your Mobile Phone into TV remote but it depends that which type of smart Mobile Phone do you have.

First of all download the application from Application store which is available for I phone.
Open I tunes.
Choose I tunes store.
Select Application store.
Now type Remote Control in search box and select the application for download. Select the application which you think best for your Mobile Phone. 
(Blackberry already have application downloaded on your Mobile Phone. Now Transfer that file from computer to Mobile Phone.
 Now its turn to of television research.

Open your Mobile Phone User Manual and obtain television programming code. Every Mobile Phone model has different code to use to program television. Click on menu button of Television and select Remote control. Now point your Mobile Phone towards Television and type programming code and press OK when finished.

Now Locate Remote Control on your Mobile Phone and you will able to see remote on your screen if every thing is correct you will be able to change channel, adjust volume and turn off, turn on your TV from your Mobile phone.

Shutdown Computer With Single Click Of Mouse

Computer Shutdown with a single click of mouse. If you like to give surprise to your friend by clicking on Firefox Icon on your computer  desktop then here is the trick.

In this magic trick your computer will shut down every time you click that Firefox icon.

Do At your own risk.

Create a shortcut on your desktop an type in shutdown -s -t 0

Give it a name as “Mozilla Firefox”.

Now change its icon to the Mozilla Firefox icon.

(To change icon right click on that icon and select click on summary and then click on chage icon as shown in below Photograph )

Now delete or hide original file of Mozilla Firefox.from your desktop.

Now whenever someone click to open firefox shutdown your computer .

Replacing original file with shortcut remove or close this trick.

Unblock Blocked Website In Office or School

Facebook, Orkut, Mspace, Bebo and many other social networking sites are blocked in your office, School or in universities. Access to such website are impossible in those areas. It is not a matter of school , college of office but some countries like UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, CHINA, IRAN, and others do not allow there country people to access porn sites, some social networking sites and even YOUTUBE.But there are some tricks which helps you to access such websites whenever you like and whenever you like. SAUDI ARABIA has blocked websites which sell bra and panties. Little funny. 

Social sites that are often blocked include Google News, Typepad, ebay, Blogger blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Orkut, MySpace, Pandora, Bebo, Photobucket, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL AIM, Flickr,, etc.

How to access them?

Type IP number instead of blocked website address. If blocking server has not mapped IP numbers that websites will be open.

URL redirection service like tinyurl or shorlurl works as domain forwarding and they also help in opening blocked website.

Enter URL of the blocked website in Google or yahoo or AOL search box and visit the cached copy of the website. To retrieve the page more quickly from Google's cache, click "Cached Text Only" while the browser is loading the page from cache.

Proxy is also great way to surf blocked website. You can hide your identity while surfing. There are millions of proxy websites which allows you to surf . Search Google for "Proxy websites" and you will find thousands of website to fulfill your needs.

There are anonymity websites who will fetch the blocked web page from their servers and display them to you. As far as the service provider is concerned, you are viewing the page on the Anonymity website and not the blocked site.

Don't use this tricks in Gulf countries as there legal rules are very strict. I have one say for the Arabs of Gulf countries that they are free to do anything but the people working there from all around the world have to follow their rules.

Do Whatever You Like On Office Computer Internet

Are you a guy who afraid of office rules. If your answer is yes don't go for further reading and stick to your office rules. But if your answer is no then I am here to help you how you can break office rules and do what you like on your office system or computer. In your office and on your office computer we all know that there are no chace of relaxation and also little fun. You are not allowed to chat with your friends, watch videos on YouTube, You can not play or download any music files. You can not read entertainment news or gossips. You are not allowed to read world news even in your free time. And all this because you are in office. But what I say is you are in Office and not in Jail.

But think before further reading that you have chances of losing job by doing this. If you have Old sick mother and unmarried sister in your home don't do this.

If you like to watch videos on YouTube open a website Now type of paste the video URL of YouTube video you want to see or download. will save YouTube videos on local computer in AVI format. You also have option to save as MP3 file.

Chatting with your friends is also possible from office. Instant Chat Messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Pal-talk, Cam frog are totally banned in office. You can use for this. You can stay in touch with your friends with the help of No installation required directly runs on web browser.

If you want to read articles or new released updates in office and on office computer, don't worry it is also possible. But you have to subscribe to that website. You will receive updates via email from that website. There are also services which send you feed in the mail so you can stay update. is one of that website. But you have to subscribe to that service. But their is a problem in reading an email which contains links because link will not open as a websites are banned. Now send an email a addressed to with the URL of the web page in the Subject field ex:( You will receive copy of that page in your inbox. Great ....

You can listen music stored at your home computer in office. And for this will help you. You can use this service to access your home computer from office. But your Home computer must also connected to internet and is ON.

One more magic is there which help you to change your browser as word document on screen. Workfriendly is a wrapper website which wrap your browser and gives a look of Microsoft word.What you really need here is WorkFriendly it’s actually a wrapper website that make your web browser look like Microsoft Word.

But be ready what you have to do when you caught when doing all this.

Google Cannot Do This Four Things

Google is Google. Google can do all the things of the world. But today I am going to make you know about the four things which Google search cannot do but yahoo search can. Worlds favourite search engine is google and no one has doubt about that.But there are some things which Google search cannot do and yahoo do.

Do you know that you can compose your new email directly from Yahoo search Box.To do this just go to yahoo page and type !mail xyz @ or xyz @ and yahoo will automatically compose new mail in your Yahoo mail.For this it is necessary that you are already login on yahoo.

If you want to search specific words in increase or decrease order Google cannot do this but yahoo can. to do this you have to search that words in bracket []. Suppose you want to search Michal Takson then type [ Michal Takson ] search will only return web pages where the word Michal appear before Takson.

You can search your favorite website from yahoo itself For example think you want to search gold in then type !gold flicker.

You can get lyrics of songs of your favorite singers. For this you can Type Britney lyrics (for lyrics of Britney songs).

Control Your PC from your Mobile

Your PC is your heart if i am not wrong. You have so many private and confidential documents, Photos of your girlfriends and many other things from your personal and official life. But some times it happens that you forgot to shutdown your PC at home because of emergency and you afraid that your wife will see your girlfriends photo or if its office you afraid that your colleagues will see your private files or documents or your boss will hammer you because you left computer ON.

But don't get worry you will able to shutdown your PC by your cell phone by sending SMS,or by sending tweets or email from another computer or laptop or smart mobile phone. You just cannot shut down but you can log off your self from that system.

Don't worry you can shut down or log off from your computer from anywhere.

There is no hacking or prank or illegal stuff its just a facility provided by It allows you to handle your computer from anywhere by any internet connected device.

So Lets start how you can avail this facility.

Install  Tweetmypc application on your computer and associate with your twitter account.
Install By Clicking Here

After installation it will  silently monitor your Twitter stream every minute for any desktop commands and if it finds one, will act upon it immediately.Now setup posting method like email, SMS, any twitter client, instant message. Associate twitter account with Gmail Account with the application. This application will use twitter to send remote commands to your computer.

By Email: Associate you Twitter account with Posterous (auto-post) and all email messages sent to will therefore become commands for the remote computer.

By SMS :  If you live in US, UK, Canada, India, Germany, Sweden or New Zeleand, you can send associate Twitter with your mobile phone  numbers and then control your remote computer via SMS Text Messages.

By IM: Add the Twitter bot – – to your list of Google Talk buddies and you can then send commands via instant message.

By Web:If you are on vacation but have access to an internet connected laptop, just log into the Twitter website and issue commands (e.g., shutdown or logoff) just as another tweet.

Make Afraid Your Friends By Fake XP Format.

Make Afraid Your Friends By Fake XP Format.

Great to say about this small software of 113 KB which really makes your friend angry and also afraid that his or her computer get Formatted. But its fake format and not real. It works on Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95 and Win7.Windows operating system gives you Pop up to format hard disk which really makes your friend afraid. When some one click on that its start dummy formatting your system hard disk. You can not stop formatting process by pressing cancel, esc, or any other key. The program stops when it finish formatting. But nothing happens it just fake format and non of your file get

deleted. But the person on whom you are making this experiment will definitely unconscious for some moment as he thinks that all his files and folders are get deleted by you. Once This software complete it task it will give you the result that your disk get formatted and after that you can click on close button and close the program.

You can have fun with this software. Download this software from Download link given below.

Give Prank Calls To Your Friends Without Numbers

Think you are free and have nothing to do and you want to have fun What you will do? No answer i will tell you what you have do. Take your mobile phone call your friend and give him a strange dirty talk. But your friend will come to know that you are calling than there will be no excitement. So here the trick how you can make all this enjoyment and have fun with out your friends know who is calling.

This is free service and you don't have to put your hands in your pocket to get enjoyment.

Go to website or one more website is also there will have large option for making different types of prank. You will have to enter the number of your friend to whom you want to prank call. This website also gives to some unknown numbers to make and test prank call.

This way you can have fun in your free time. But this service is limited to some English countries like America, Canada, Austria. This website never reveal your identity.

But please don't misuse this service and also remember never abuse anyone for your enjoyment.

Hide Your Number While Making Calls

This technique is only posted for educational purpose and for fun. Please dont misuse this technique. By this technique You can make fool your friends or girlfriends by making call from your mobile by hiding your number. They will not come to know who is calling them. In this technique you can choose the number to be displayed on your friends or girlfriends mobile. Again please dont misuse this techinque.

This technique is not free you have to put your hands into your pocket to use this technique. So go to and register your account and choose plan as per your use and get ready to make call to your friend or girlfriend to make them fool. You will receive pin from to login to your account.

Now login to

Enter your phone number

Enter your friends or girlfriends number.

If you like to change your voice like male or female.

Now make call and the victim thinks that the caller is not you and someone else.

By this way you can enjoy your free moments by spending few bucks. But please don't misuse this service.

Switch Off Your friends mobile by SMS

Switch Off  Your friends mobile by SMS
Want to have some fun with your old thinking friends who don't like to change their mobile and very greedy in nature. So here is the trick which make your fiends mobile Switch off.

The trick is simple yet effective.

Just send SMS to your friends mobile containing 80 or above dots (.) or 80 or above commas (,)

Like This: ................................................................................

Just Type 80 or above dots or commas and send SMS to your friend and then see the magic.

Please note that this trick only works with old handset coming in range of Nokia 1110,1110i,1100,1112,2100

Motorola Defy Pro Features and Specification

Motorola is excited to launch its first smartphone named Motorola Defy Pro. Motorola is launching first of this type device which support both QWERTY keyboard together with a touchscreen display. As it support both QWERTY keyboard together with a touchscreen display many people will definitely like this. Due to its Corning’s Gorilla Glass display it is dust proof ,water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. This is really a great experience to have and play with mobile like this.

5 Megapixel camera with auto focus and led light is for great clarity and unbelievable quality pictures. Video calling will also be a great experience with Motorola Defy Pro as it has front camera on display. Wifi Bluetooth and DLNA streaming gives 100 marks to this device. Motorola Defy Pro has inbuilt memory of 2GB as 2GB card s preloaded with it.

This device is first from the Motorola in defy smartphone. Motorola Defy Pro seemingly runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. 2.7 inch

Gorilla grass display makes great experience for videos and games. Motorola Defy Pro smartphone also comes with several instrumental dashboards to help you plan every step of your day.

Motorola Defy Pro has h7jy32ee preset views.
1.Outdoor View – providing weather forecasts
2.Hiking View – info and details about hiking trails
3.Workout View – including a stopwatch, and calorie monitor

It sport 2G as well as 3G network. Gprs and EDGE supported with WLAN,blueooth and USB.

Its said that i will be available in Brazil market by 15 July 2012. The launching is also going to take place in Brazil.And last line i add is its a copy of bb 9900.