400000 Yahoo Usernames and Passwords hacked. Check Are You Among Them

Do you know the strange and threat able news which yahoo have announced on Thursday. If no than read below.

Yahoo has confirmed that its user generated contributor network Yahoo Voices was the subject of massive data breach. More than 400000 username and passwords are hacked or stolen from Yahoo server.  Not officially announced but beside Yahoo, Gamil, MSN, Hotmail and AOL accounts username and passwords are also hacked. Yahoo! Voices allows you to sign in with non- Yahoo email accounts.

So check now that you are among that 400000victims or not. clicking here.

It comes in highlight on Thursday morning when hackers put the long list of usernames and passwords were posted in text for all to see online. The hacker group called “D33ds”. The news comes just one day after 420,000 member accounts from social network Formspring were compromised, and a few weeks after millions of passwords were leaked online from sites such as LinkedIn, eHarmony and Last.fm.

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