50 Percent People Say No To 'Facebook phone'

From many days we are hearing that Facebook is busy with the mobile manufacturing company for making their own phone.Building its own device could allow the site to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone's different functions.

But this all are matter of future. Presently a survey is carried out to know the interest of people that they will by Facebook Phone or not. And the result of that survey is quite amazing and unaccepted.

Half of people would never buy a Facebook phone. If the social networking giant ever produced one.In a poll conducted around the world, 50 percent of those questioned said they would "never" switch to a Facebook phone. However, if they had to be persuaded to do so, improved functionality would be the top reason for switching, followed by price and then design.

Five hundred people around the world were questioned in the survey conducted by a UK-based digital marketing agency, in a bid to gauge consumer appetite for a Facebook phone, 'The Telagraph' reported.

A mobile phone manufacturer has already produced the first phones to feature a dedicated Facebook button, and is looking for a way to differentiate its products from those of a rival manufacturer, the paper said.

However, Facebook's founder and chief, Mark Zuckerberg, denied reports that Facebook was considering building its own phone, arguing it "wouldn't make much sense for us", on the company's first earning call since going public. 

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