Airtel 3G Unlimited Use For Free

By using third party software to bypass the APN you can use unlimited 3G data plan from Airtel. This trick is new and 100% working to access unlimited 3g on Airtel. To do this trick you have to spend some money so do it at your own risk.

Activate small 3G plan of Airtel. with at least one month validity. In this Unlimited 3G trick we are just going to disable the data balance counter by bypassing it. It means when you surf or download anything your data will not be deducted. Fox this bypass we will use a software called HexVPN. You can download this software Here (Download HexVPN). This trick works on both mobile and data card. As i suggest before to activate small 3G plan of Airtel. with at least one month validity. Activate 45 Rs 3G plan with 30 days validity and 150 MB of usage data.

After activating the plan on Airtel download and install HexVPN .Now make a connection by using the default mobile office APN as your access point.Once you are connected, open HexVPN and connect to any server to get the free unlimited 3g on Airtel.

Thats it. You are done. Now enjoy Unlimited 3G  Internet for full 30 days. Don't forget to disconnect from internet every 45 minutes or your data plan will be blocked. So disconnect your Internet every 45 minutes.
Once you disconnect and connect again your 400kb will be deducted from 150MB account.

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Password To open HexVPN is

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