Avoid AdF.LY Links Time In Firefox And Chrome

AdF.LY is URL shorting website which allows its users to short their long URL. User put that URL in forums, websites, etc. When some one click on that link he has to see AdF.LY advertisement and then he reach to the webpage which he is looking for. For that advertisement AdF.LY and the user both earn money.123

But there are ways by using that you can directly visit that webpage after clicking AdF.LY link. The main reason behind avoiding AdF.LY link is people are reusing the service.

For Example : http://www.infotakes.com is shorted by using AdF.LY service and the shorten link is http://www.abc.com now i again shorten http://www.xxx.com and get http://www.yyy.com now i again shorten http://www.yyy.com and get http://www.000.com and put that link for the use of people. Now the person who want some information have to see AdF.LY advertisement 4 times means at least 2 minutes. This is really frustrating. All this done is toearn more money.

Avoid AdF.LY Links Time For Firefox
Install an Application adf.ly skip. This application redirect user when they click on adf.ly links.

Avoid AdF.LY Links Time For Chrome
You can download and install AdF.LY Bypasser extension from Chrome Web Store if yuor browser is Chrome. This Application redirect you to original page instead of AdF.LY Advertisement page despite of clicking on AdF.LY link.

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