Block all Facebook Apps Together

Thousands of application are created every day by developers and all want that there application get popularity. You get many request everyday to access application. If the application is of your interest than there is no issue. But if it is not of your interest than there is little irritating and boring. You feel like spamming. Everyday you get invitation from friends, family members, colleague, and many others whom you have never seen in real life. If you ignore it some other will send you, if you accept it it start filling your wall.

So today I am posting this article which will teach you how you can stop all this application forever.

Log in to your Facebook Account.

Click on Home and Select Privacy Settings as shown in below Image.

You will see a page Where you will find Apps and Websites and beside this you will also find Edit Setting.

Click On Edit Setting.

Click on Turn off All Platform app.

There is option available to stop all application or particular one.

It depends on you and you have to select. By performing above steps you are out of the Spam world  of Facebook and use clean and clear Facebook.

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