Check 5 Things Before Buying Any Mobile-Phone

Deciding to buy a new phone than you must have to read this article. Because all human ae same in nature and all have same kind of question in there mind about new things. And if the subject is mobile than the thing is something different. Most of the people have mobile today but every one is thinking to upgrade or buying new one. Mobile is a geat discovery which makes this world very small. Today in market Mobile manufacturers are dumping new mobile with new features every day. So it is ou who have to decide what you need. Because you are the one who is goig to spend.

1. Mobile Type And Accessories:

Today All Phone are stylish and looks good. You will find three types of phone in the market Simple, Flap And Slide. In simple one keypad is open and you have to keep keypad locked to save unwanted and accidental calls. So it is important to see that whats your dressing style is. If you are wearing Tight jeans you must not buy simple open keypad phone and if you are buying that than you have to keep keypad locked. You must see that making calls, sending text messagesand other features. Many accessories are available in market you have to see what you need. Headset, Car Charger and hands free are some of the most important
accessories you need.

Battery life And Connectivity:

Choose a battery which gives Stand-by time as much as it can. Any phone with battery life of 48 to 100 hours is common and requires recharge after it.Try using original one than assemble. No one likes that his Mobile- Phone Battery  ends up in middle of conversation. Bad Voltage while charging,  Sunlight, More Listning Music ad videography effects battery life and its performance.
Connectivity play important role in using Mobile-Phones. As today Mobile phones gives almost all works and functionality of computers.Surfing, Chatting, Video conference, Downloading, Sending and emails and files. Connectivity play important role in performing all this tasks. You have to check your mobile is compatible with all this things and the service provider provides good network in your working area or home. 

Memory And Multimedia: If you are using your phone for multimedia or office use that Memory must be at least 8 or 16 GB inbuilt memory or expandable memory. You need place to store your important less documents, family or part pictures and videos.If the memory is less than i will cause an issue. Multimedia play important role in today's phone. Check for best MP3 support, FM radio, and ring tones in an excellent quality if you are love music. In the same way Video recording, photos also must be of excellent quality. 

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