Computer games may be turning your kids violent

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Computers game which is now necessary part of life for the children can make your child violent.  If your notice that your child behavior changing violent the first thing to check is which type of games your is playing. If you notice exhibiting violent behavior ban him or her from playing computers game. Because it In Britain children as young as five are being sent out of classrooms routinely for attacking fellow students and teachers. The kids who are usually found literally lost in the world of computer games are becoming violent in behavior. This type of incidents in the school are on the peak.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) in UK, have suggested violent and addictive computer games are turning children more aggressive. Due to which students or kids thinks real world as gaming world and behave like they are behaving in game. They behave like hero or Villon or game character.  verall, primary, secondary and special school pupils were suspended 161,540 times in 2010 -11 for assault or verbal abuse, which is 850 pupils a day, Daily Express reported Friday.

So time has note gone. Think twice before purchasing video game or computer game for you kids. Because you are the first person who give way to your kids to be ahead. Now you have to think that which way you are giving to your kid.

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