Do Weight-Lifting To Sharp Memory Power

Title seems interesting and little funny too. What is the connection of weight lifting and Memory ? But this is true.

You can do weight lifting to increase your memory power. Weight lifting and Aerobics are not only important to build muscles and make your body strong but also it helps in making your memory power strong.

One recent research show that you can improve your Memory Power with the help of weight lifting. This research is also important because as you if your memory is not sharp there are more chances of happening Alzimers.

 According to British Columbia University of Canada memory power starts decreasing as your age increase. This cause serious effects when you are going old. Due to this Alzimers are seen in many aged man.

If Aerobics and Weight lifting are regular practice from young age there are less chance to caught in this diseases. This experiment is carried out on 86 women age between 70 to 80.

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