Do Whatever You Like On Office Computer Internet

Are you a guy who afraid of office rules. If your answer is yes don't go for further reading and stick to your office rules. But if your answer is no then I am here to help you how you can break office rules and do what you like on your office system or computer. In your office and on your office computer we all know that there are no chace of relaxation and also little fun. You are not allowed to chat with your friends, watch videos on YouTube, You can not play or download any music files. You can not read entertainment news or gossips. You are not allowed to read world news even in your free time. And all this because you are in office. But what I say is you are in Office and not in Jail.

But think before further reading that you have chances of losing job by doing this. If you have Old sick mother and unmarried sister in your home don't do this.

If you like to watch videos on YouTube open a website Now type of paste the video URL of YouTube video you want to see or download. will save YouTube videos on local computer in AVI format. You also have option to save as MP3 file.

Chatting with your friends is also possible from office. Instant Chat Messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Pal-talk, Cam frog are totally banned in office. You can use for this. You can stay in touch with your friends with the help of No installation required directly runs on web browser.

If you want to read articles or new released updates in office and on office computer, don't worry it is also possible. But you have to subscribe to that website. You will receive updates via email from that website. There are also services which send you feed in the mail so you can stay update. is one of that website. But you have to subscribe to that service. But their is a problem in reading an email which contains links because link will not open as a websites are banned. Now send an email a addressed to with the URL of the web page in the Subject field ex:( You will receive copy of that page in your inbox. Great ....

You can listen music stored at your home computer in office. And for this will help you. You can use this service to access your home computer from office. But your Home computer must also connected to internet and is ON.

One more magic is there which help you to change your browser as word document on screen. Workfriendly is a wrapper website which wrap your browser and gives a look of Microsoft word.What you really need here is WorkFriendly it’s actually a wrapper website that make your web browser look like Microsoft Word.

But be ready what you have to do when you caught when doing all this.

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