Download Unlimited For Free On BSNL Limited Plan

Bypassing billing server of BSNL will success this trick. But this is not possible for any human and only softwares can do this. If you are BSNL broadband user and you are using Pay Per Use plans this is the best trick for you. In this trick proxy tunneling techinque will work to by pass billing proxy of BSNL server. After reading and following steps you will be able to surf unlimited and download unlimited files from internet.
This trick is working by making connection to internet through freedom server not through bsnl billing proxy server.

Go to and create account.

Activate your account.
{To activate account see your email and click on activation link received from}

After logged in click on Download Tab.

You have to download your freedom client of size13.19 MB. Download client as per your operating system.
If you have latest version of java than install your freedom client or Download Latest Version Of Java.

Download Java Latest Version From Below. It is an online installer. So let it be downloaded and then install java. Java is very necessary for this hack. So be sure that Java is properly installed to the latest version.

After Installation Of  your freedom client start it and it will ask you for selecting language. Select as per your choice. Install Your Freedom Client with the default settings. ( Java should be installed first and then Your Freedom otherwise it will show an error). Then Then connect to internet using BSNL Broadband.

Now Configure it as per your details.

Internet Explorer setting which is necessary to make.

In Internet Explorer Menu Bar go to Tools - Internet Options - Connections - LAN Settings. Set proxy address as localhostand port 8080. You need to configure the same even if you are using any other browser. Press OK and Start Browsing.. But remember, every time you start your computer, Start Freedom Connection from Notification area and then only start the internet. Otherwise the bytes will be counted.

Your Free Internet Starts!!!!!! Enjoy!!! After using this trick, go to BSNL bill details and Check your Usage. You will be surprised to know that you have browsed for free and converted your 1 GB limited plan of Rs. 250 to an unlimited plan with the same 2 mbps speed. With this trick your bill will not increase than normal.

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