Easily Install Windows 8 On Pen Drive In 3 Steps

Many of you are waiting to taste new and latest edition of Microsoft. Many Talk, Many Reviews, and large wave of rumors are going on for Microsoft New Editition Known as Windows 8. Many are eagerly waiting to have first look of Windows 8 on your PC screen. Installing Windows 8 on PC which runs Windows 7 or Windows XP is not a hard task you can easily do it. However, before that, the pain of burning the downloaded ISO file on a DVD or on a USB pen drive to get the installation ready also makes it a killing task. We shall show you how you can relax and enjoy the complete features of Windows 8 on your existing PC without going through any of the above cumbersome exercises and run the new operating system in less than half the time.

This How to will reveal the installation of Windows 8 on any USB storage and then running the operating system directly from the USB drive, itself. You will not have to go through any of the painful set-up procedures that the set-up installer asks, while installing Windows 8 on your PC. All you need to do is download a simple utility, a 16GB or higher USB storage drive, the Windows 8 ISO file, WinRAR archiver and your existing PC. Before we begin, we would like you to know that using a USB pen drive will suffice, but since the speed of a regular USB pen drive is very sluggish, I recommend using an external USB storage drive.


You must have Pen Drive of At-least 4 GB fully formatted. Your PC must be on XP or Windows & with Winrar installed on it. Extract the file ‘install.wim’ from the Windows 8 ISO file using WinRAR File 'install win' will be located in 'source' folder and it is of 2GB. Extract your file to desktop. This is the reason why I advice you to have pen-drive of 4GB. Now Download Gimage X . Extract the files from Gimage X Zip and store all the files in to a folder on desktop.Now, before we use the Gimage X, we have to prepare the USB drive for installing Windows 8. Make sure you have all your data backed up from the drive, as we would need to clean out the drive completely.

Insert your Pen-Drive in USB port of computer and wait till your system recognise new drive. After the process complete open command prompt by typing cmd in search box and insert the command one after one as figured out below. If you are not typing correctly you can copy paste from below.

Diskpart  - This built-in utility will help repartition and format the new drive

List disk - This command will list all the drives present on your system. Note down the drive number of your USB drive

Select disk # - Replace the # with the drive number that represents your USB drive in the list

Clean - This command will wipe the entire partition table of the USB drive

Create partition primary - This command will create a primary partition on the USB drive

Select partition 1- This command will select the primary partition for the rest of the process

Format fs=ntfs quick - This command will quick format the primary partition in NTFS file format

Assign - This command will assign a drive letter to the new partition for Windows to work on

Active - This command will make the partition active to enable booting

Exit - Closes the DISKPART utility

As you exit we have completed 2 steps and now your Pen - Drive is ready for new installation of Windows 8.
Now its time for GimageX utilityto perform its task. Start GimageX utility and click on  "Apply Tab". In the Box Against The "Source" click on browse and show show it the path where you have keep INSTALL.WIM. You know that we have kept it on Desktop. In destination Box show the Path Of Your USB Pen-Drive. Let other setting as it is And click on APPLY .You have to wait for some time depends on the speed of your Pen-Drive. After this process completes  GimageX will display that the process is complete. Exit the GimageX utility and start the command prompt again. We now need to make the USB drive bootable in order to run Windows 8 from the USB drive. For this, we will have to specify a command from the command prompt window. Run the following command as below.

ANd That finish the process.
 Step 3
As you type this your computer will restart. Now before your computer restart Press F8 or what ever your system support to go to BIOS of OS. Select boot from usb as first choice. Restart the PC again and it will start from Pen-drive. And what you see is Windows 8 on your screen. ll that is needed in the next step is to specify the serial key and give details, such as username and password. Windows will be up and running in no time and install the necessary drivers in the background. You can now go ahead and configure Windows 8, as you wish and install all your software and applications, as you would on a new PC. All software and applications will be installed on the USB drive by default, unless specified with a different path.

It is necessary that you have Internet connection ready and installed if you are using your Microsoft Live (Hotmail) account to be linked with your Windows 8 installation.

Once you taste the Windows 8 what all you have to do is remove your USB and again set BIOS to boot from Harddisk and you will be on your old operating system again.
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