Facebook New Feature Find Friends Nearby

Facebook has launched a useful feature called "Find Friends Nearby". The Famous and The Popular Social Network for all type and generation people Facebook has make it possible to find friends who is on Facebook network any stay nearby your current location. This feature of Facebook is little controversial but also useful.

This app will make it easier for the people to search friends who meet in real life. Accourding to Facebook developer Ryan this app is designed to find friends whith whom you have meet in real life as i also described above. Find Friends Nearby feature will let you quickly locate the person standing next to you among the millions of people with profiles on Facebook. 

This Application features will active when you have the app open. So no one can find you if you aren’t also looking. This feature will not let you send friend request and it also do not provide detailed information about people found by this application. If you are finding a person by this feature that person also have this application turned on.

This feature works on Smartphones. Now this feature is available in on iOS and Android. There is possibility that you will not able to see this app but you can check for the updated version of this Features. 

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