Few Points To Keep In Mind Before Exercise

Before Exercise
People do exercise to maintain their body and to keep themselves fit.Exercise helps us in many ways which we have to write a full book on it. Some do exercise to build their body and muscles while some do exercise to maintain their body, loose weight or some do on doctor advice. Some of them do hard exercise while some to very soft steps. No matter its hard or easy but it will give you some benefit. Exercise effects our body parts, Muscles and fat.

Exercise improves working capacity of our body to perform different tasks and it also make our body habitual to perform different and difficult task.

For Example:
We are unable to run 200 meters but athletes can run even 1000 meters. Running is also a exercise but not everyone can run 1000 meters. W are unable to swim 200 meters but swimmer can swim even 500 meter[phes also. In the same way we are unable to lift 100 or 150 Kg but weight lifter can do it easily.

The answer is simple due to practice and that practice is nothing but an exercise. Exercise make their body to perform this difficult task

Before Exercise

No Breakfast if you are doing exercise in morning. No Lunch if its afternoon and no dinner if its night.

No difficult exercise in the beginning. Start from eas steps and go step by step. If your goal is to lift 200 pounds start from 25 pounds and hen so on.

If you lift 200 pound i beginning your back will not be able to handle this.

If you want to run start from walking the jogging and then running.

Consult health specialist or take advice from professional before starting any exercise.

Duration also plays important  role so fix timing for exercise.

If you are doing exercise in morning do i after refreshing yourself. If you have habit of taking tea  coffee or water start your exercise after 15 or 20 minutes of taking tea or coffee or water.

You can take energy drinks like fruit juice or water in between exercise as it maintain water level of your body and give you strength which help you to perform your exercise without tiredness.

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