Finally You Will Download Your Old Tweets On Twitter

Twitter is developing a tool that will allow users to download file to recover their previous tweets.Presently there is no method available by which user can downloads their old tweets any any form. You ahve to forgot after your tweets.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo informed informed reporters of The New York Times that the microblogging site is developing a new tool that will allow users to download a file to recover all their previous tweets. He said that they are working on a tool which allow user to download their old tweets in a file format. This will be available to user as soon as possible and after the tool is developed.

But he also added that there is no promise that user can access all the tweets posted to twitter. User will able to dig through their own tweet archive. Currently users can only search for the last few thousands of posts.

Other third-party sites like TweetSaver backs up most of a user's tweets along with private messages and replies from other users. But it's a paid service. Other recently launched services like oldtweets lets users browse through Twitter's first year posts. Facebook on the other hand, already has a system in place for users to download and save their data.Though Costolo was definite that users will be able to browse through all of their tweets at some point, there was no official word on the exact time for the release of this search or export tool.

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