Get 3g Speed In 2G Plan Idea Netsetter

In the world of internet we can say that everything and even anything is possible. Today i am going to make you know that how you can get speed of 3G in 2G plan. This trick only works on Idea Netsetter (Huwai Mobile Connect - 3G network card. After searching for many days and doing i found this trick. But this trick is not mine. All credit goes to its maker.

What you need to do this trick is Idea Net Setter , computer and 2 softwares. Idea started this product with good speed but as user increase speed decrease.

So now coming to the point lets start with two software which you have to download from the net. I am mentioning all two links below .

1. Cable nut Application You can download this application.from Below

2. Tcp Optimizer You can download this application from Below.

After downloading both the application install them.

Now carefully insert settings as shown in below image you will find this setting box after clicking  logo.

For Cable nut Application 

After Inserting all values click on save registry and then click on Done. You will see Done button instead of Exit button when you click on save to registry.

Now For Tcp Optimizer

When you click on run after downloading TCP Optimizer you will see box like below image carefully insert all values .

You will not be able to edit the values. You have to click on custom button to make changes. After making changes click on Apply changes.

Done .... now reboot your computer and connect you internet you you will find speed up to 2MBPS.

Special Note: Please make restore point as these settings changes your default windows registry and also your network settings.

Cable nut Application Download

Tcp Optimizer Download

If face any problem please comment.


  1. how to use tcp in windows 7 32 bit

  2. Thanks for comment
    I will soon research and inform you

  3. not working in mp. if you are having any other software for any software kindly send it to

  4. do i need to save both the softwares at a particular location?