Get Rid Of Trojan Horse From Your Laptop

If you are download and uploading files anonymously, watching adult or hacking websites websites, using pen  drive or flash drive who regularly travels different computers you are giving invitation to Trojan horse or other viruses to your Laptop. Trojan Horse is a different type of virus which allows its creator to use and access Laptop which is infected. Trojan Horse is designed in the ways that hacker can steal private data or use a system. This gives hacker opportunity to use your system as bot net to perform automated spamming or to distribute Denial-of-service attacks. Password stealing, Money Theft, Private documents leaking etc are performed by the hacker with the help of Trojan Horse. Trojan Horse also perform task like deleting files, crashing your computer, reduce computer processing speed, auto logging to accounts, etc. Trojan Horse has ability to disable your Task Manager,  Block Cltr+Alt+Delete+ action. It also stop installing new software which are used to delete this virus.

There are software's available to remove Trojan Horse. You can also remove it manually. But all required option are disabled by Trojan Horse. So it is better to remove it with software. Trojan Horse has ability to provide information to hijackers about infected Laptop. This happens via internet so first of all disconnr7jy3ect your laptop from internet and WiFi connection. If you realize or identify the purpose of Trojan Horse and if it is a threat to your personal data like banking or credit card than change password as soon as possible. If you want to realize or get information about Trojan Horse in your Laptop obtain information from any anti virus website.

Windows Update fix the backdoor that was used by Trojan Horse to enter your laptop. If possible ado Windows Update. Log to your system as Administrator. Now click on Start and type Windows Update. If Trojan Horse allowe to update your System then update it. Now its time to remove Trojan Horse completely from your Laptop. For this you need Anti-virus. I recommend Quick Heal free version. Download it and Install on your infected Laptop. After installation it will automatically boot scan your Laptop and perfrm full scan of your system. It will remove and replace all damaged files on your system.Microsoft Windows Defender is also very effective free anti-virus.

If Anti Virus is unable to install than take out your hard-disk and attached it to another computer and install anti-virus do not open any file or folder on another computer. But you must know how to remove and fix hard disk from laptop. Its not an easy task. For this go to some professional.

If this also not working the last option is to format your hard disk. But before formatting take all your useful data in a flash or usb drive. After installing new operating system and best anti virus attach that pen drive in your laptop.Dont open it. Cancel pop up menu which ask you to open folder or play music. Go to My computer >> Right Click on that Pen drive and Select option of scan with your Antivirus as shown in below image. After Scan completes and your pen drive is Trojan Horse free copy all your files to Laptop back.

By this way you will not loose any data of your important documents.

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