Give Prank Calls To Your Friends Without Numbers

Think you are free and have nothing to do and you want to have fun What you will do? No answer i will tell you what you have do. Take your mobile phone call your friend and give him a strange dirty talk. But your friend will come to know that you are calling than there will be no excitement. So here the trick how you can make all this enjoyment and have fun with out your friends know who is calling.

This is free service and you don't have to put your hands in your pocket to get enjoyment.

Go to website or one more website is also there will have large option for making different types of prank. You will have to enter the number of your friend to whom you want to prank call. This website also gives to some unknown numbers to make and test prank call.

This way you can have fun in your free time. But this service is limited to some English countries like America, Canada, Austria. This website never reveal your identity.

But please don't misuse this service and also remember never abuse anyone for your enjoyment.

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