Google 34 Button Calculator To Solve Scientific Queries

Google built in-calculator function is now integrated with visual interface. Google built in-calculator show 34 buttons. Google built in-calculator calculates sines, cosines and tangents along with logs, radians and also features dedicated buttons for Pi and Euler's number. Interesting just queastion and get answer in seconds.

Working with Google built in-calculator is simple and easy and fun loving. Whenever you types a mathematical calculation in Google Search Box you will get answer from Google instantly within built in-calculator. For Example if you type 2*3 in google search box you will get answer as below on google search page.

What's interesting is that if a user searches for 'scientific calculator' in Google, even then the 34-button calculator shows up followed by other searches.

This isn’t a stripped down calculator, either. It’s a full-power, voice-enabled scientific calculator with nearly all the functions of a tangible model. Plus, it doesn’t require two AAA batteries. The mobile version lacks the scientific functions and voice control, but there are plenty of scientific calculator apps available.

This calculator even works with Desktop Voice Search. Simply click the little mic icon and state the equation; it works with both “what is the square root of 30?” and “square root of 30.” Or, to launch the calculator itself, say “calculator”. It seems to stumble on long, complex equations (or maybe I’m saying them wrong), but in the right situation, this voice-powered calculator could be rather valuable.

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