Google Cannot Do This Four Things

Google is Google. Google can do all the things of the world. But today I am going to make you know about the four things which Google search cannot do but yahoo search can. Worlds favourite search engine is google and no one has doubt about that.But there are some things which Google search cannot do and yahoo do.

Do you know that you can compose your new email directly from Yahoo search Box.To do this just go to yahoo page and type !mail xyz @ or xyz @ and yahoo will automatically compose new mail in your Yahoo mail.For this it is necessary that you are already login on yahoo.

If you want to search specific words in increase or decrease order Google cannot do this but yahoo can. to do this you have to search that words in bracket []. Suppose you want to search Michal Takson then type [ Michal Takson ] search will only return web pages where the word Michal appear before Takson.

You can search your favorite website from yahoo itself For example think you want to search gold in then type !gold flicker.

You can get lyrics of songs of your favorite singers. For this you can Type Britney lyrics (for lyrics of Britney songs).

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