Hide Your Number While Making Calls

This technique is only posted for educational purpose and for fun. Please dont misuse this technique. By this technique You can make fool your friends or girlfriends by making call from your mobile by hiding your number. They will not come to know who is calling them. In this technique you can choose the number to be displayed on your friends or girlfriends mobile. Again please dont misuse this techinque.

This technique is not free you have to put your hands into your pocket to use this technique. So go to Spoofcard.com and register your account and choose plan as per your use and get ready to make call to your friend or girlfriend to make them fool. You will receive pin from spoofcard.com to login to your account.

Now login to spoofcard.com

Enter your phone number

Enter your friends or girlfriends number.

If you like to change your voice like male or female.

Now make call and the victim thinks that the caller is not you and someone else.

By this way you can enjoy your free moments by spending few bucks. But please don't misuse this service.

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