Hire Or Rent Girlfriend On Facebook For 5 Bucks

Dont you have girl friend on Facebook? Don"t worry yo0u can hire one by only paying 5$. This is not a joke its true. Did you have ever seen your friend chatting with a hot girlfriend on Facebook. And that girlfriend is praising your friend and flirting with him. Dont worry you can also have this girlfriend by just paying 5$ per week. It is possible that your friend has hired a Facebook Girlfriend to make you jealous.

No this is very common that people are hiring Facebook Girlfriends to make and show other people that he has hot girlfriend on Facebook. They only have to pay 5$ to do this. There are plenty of gigs websites available providing this service Fiverr.is popular among this. The contract between you and Facebook Girlfriend is for a week for 5$.  She will post on your wall or on your Facebook page. Some more offers available is for 14 and 21 days. You also have option that from which country you want Facebook girlfriend. So it is you who have to decide that from which country you want girlfriend.

By paying 5$ they will do as you want. They will post comments on your Facebook page. You can decide which type of comment and on which topic they comment on your Facebook Page.If you want they will post flirty message, some hot pictures and whatever you like for the period of gig. It is you who have to decide that what type of work you want to take out from them. Large number of options are available you have to choose from them.

If you like a girl but he is not giving you a response this is the way to impress her. You can impress her by showing comments and flirty message of hired Facebook Girlfriend. But if you don't have girlfriend and your friends making you jealous by showing their girlfriends this is the option to make them quite. Hired Facebook Girlfriend is also helpful in making your ex-girlfriend jealous. You can make her jealous by showing her new hot Facebook girlfriend and her hot and romantic comments. If you want to make your present girl friend jealous than also this is the best way.

But this is a matter of money, Your Facebook Girl friend will not wait a single minute after the contract period finish. But there are chances that your present girlfriend will come to you when ever you call her and there are also chances that your ex-girlfriend will come to you by seeing all this fake hired Facebook Girlfriend and impressed by you.

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