How to Keep Lizards Out Of Home Easily

How To Keep Lizards Away From Your Bed Room
In almost every home of the world you will find lizards. Frankly saying i am very scared of lizards. You will find lizards in gardens, swimming pool side, kitchen, restaurants bars, terrace and almost every place. Lizards use to eat small insects like flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and even small scorpions. As we all know that lizards which we find in home are really harmless. It helps us to keep our home and garden free of insects.

Reasons Why Lizards in our  Home

If you have lizards in your home there are many reasons of it.Your house is near garden or you have plants in or near your house. There are holes in your home in windows or in doors which is also a cause to increase the numbers of lizards in your house. Lizards enters in your house or room to find their food. If you have more mosquitoes in your home there is also a reason that lizards attracts in your house.

My recent experience

I have just visited Somnath Temple which is in Gujarat .I have stay in Hotel Lords Inn Somnath. I was wake up when i feel some touch in my legs. I saw two lizards fighting for small insects on my bed. I just jumped out of my bed and stand near a chair. Then i take a towel from bathroom and starts flying towel towards them. Both of them ran out from my bed and leaving that insect on my bed. They both gone below bed. When i see that insect it was a big Spider.

Do this to run them out

Always try to keep your room insect free. For this spray Hit or other spray available in market. If possible financially do pest control once a three month.

Specially for lizard there is very simple step to keep them away from your house or room is keep peacock feather or egg shell in your home. They are very afraid of peacock feather and they will never visit that place again. This is very common , handy and easy method.

Onion also works in keeping away lizards. Cut onion into for pieces and place that pieces on high places where there is possibility of lizard to come.

Keep your windows and doors closed in evening time because mosquitoes and other insects enters in home especially in evening. 

How to Kill Them (Not Recommended)

If you want to kill them you can use broom or any other available things to kill them. But if your walls are high and if it is not possible to reach them use cotton as insects to kill them.

Take cotton and wet it in water now when you see lizard make small pieces of cotton and throw near them cotton will stick on wall because of its wetness. Lizards will quickly swallow it thing insects. Try this 10 to 15 times . Now cotton will expand in stomach of lizards and it will not able to stick on wall . They will fell down.
But this is not recommended becuase killing animals is not good.

Hopefully this is will help you in keeping lizards out of home.

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