How To Save Pocket Money ?

Everyone loves and like to spend money on their favorite things. Some spend on food, Some spend on clothes, Some on cosmetics, some on jewellery, Some on girlfriends and some on family. Everyone has reason to spend money every-time. Always remember spending is easy but earning is hard. And once you spend you will not get that money back If you get pocket money from your parents, or if you taking out from your salary its your responsibility to spend it in the way that you do-not need extra pocket money till your parents give you again on scheduled time or till next salary. You are the person who decide where, when, how and how-much to spend. I am writing some points below which will help you to save your pocket money.

Save Your Pocket Money On Food And Beverages:

If you are food lover and if you loves to taste different varieties of food whenever you see. Than i have an idea for you. Think you are going out at 4:PM in evening. Go out after having something from home. You can have tea o biscuits, snacks, bread-butter, Jam-butter or whatever in spare from lunch. By using this trick you will not like to have outside food because your stomach is full. And you will able to save money which you are going to spend on outside food.

Save Your Pocket Money Buying Branded and Costly:

You think i am mad after reading above line. But keep your valuable thinking with you till reading below. When you purchase branded or costly things you will get replacement warranty and the other thing is branded materials last longer. So you have both option use it for long time or if damaged replace it. If you buy Lee or other branded jeans you will wear it for long time but if you buy it frm fot path no gaurantee no warranty.

Save Your Pocket Money On Communictaions:

You have girlfriends or Boyfriends. You spend a lot for being in ouch with him or her. Choose a plan which gives you better option with more talk-time. Like Vodaphone to Vodaphone free. Use SMS as option to keep in touch as they are free from internet.

Save Your Pocket Money On Girlfriend Gift.

Discount coupons, Buy cash, Sale will save a lot of your pocket money on your girlfriend gift Search online for cheap gifts as is cheap and you have better option to choose from variety of products range.

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