How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Black is the world when you close the eyes and colorful is the world when you open the eyes. This line was said by Mukhtar Ahmed. Ite me. Little funny. Ok coming to the point eyes are very useful part and you will not carry out any work without eyes. As eyes are invaluable gift by God to us. So here i am providing some useful tips to take care of your eyes.

Wash your eyes with cold water at regular intervals.
Wash your eyes with  cold water at regular interval. This will help cleaning your eyes and give coldness to your eyes. 

Foods That Gives Your Eyes Extra Strength
Eat foods rich in vitamins like carrot, papaya, egg, fish, milk, green leafy vegetables and also drink at least 9 Liters of Water everyday. Foods rich in vitamin A helps reduce the risk of night- blindness and cataract.

Massage And Exercise.
Use slices of cucumber and potato regularly to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Cucumber is cold in nature and it also gives your eyes coldness and reduce your eyes tiredness.Blink often or close your eyes to relax the eye muscles.

Extra Care
Get regular eye-check ups done.Wear proper sun glasses.

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