How To Transfer Talktime in Vodaphone

When i was working in Dubai in 2006 at that time there was facility provided by Etisalat telecom company to transfer balance from one mobile to another. Many of our Indian friends has started business of it. No charges are deducted by Etisalat for transferring the balance. There is also no limit for transferring the amount.If you have Etisalat number you can transfer any amount  to any Etisalat number as many time as you want. Many of our Indian friends do transfer of 49 Dirhams and take 50 Dirhams. I return they gives us credit of 5 to 10 days.

Now Vodafone has started his facility in India. You can transfer particular  amount to Vodafone user. This facility is  given to the prepaid customer only. So a Vodafone prepaid customer can transfer particular amount  to another Vodafone prepaid customer with in AP.

How To Transfer Talk time in Vodafone

If you want to transfer 15 Rs to your friend whose number is 0123456789 tha you have to dial *131*<15>*<0123456789>#

Like this: *131*15*0123456789#

For using this facility both receiver and sender must be active on Vodafone. Both receiver and sender must be on Vodafone network from at least 30 days.Sender would be able to send balance once a day and receive balance up to three times a day.

Sender has to bare processing charge per transaction.

If you transfer amount of Rs 5 to 9 processing charge will be 1.00 Rs.
If you transfer amount of Rs 10 to 24 processing charge will be 2.00 Rs.
If you transfer amount of Rs 25 to 30 processing charge will be 3.00 Rs.

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