Increase Speed Of Limited BSNL BROADBAND

Bsnl Broadband is one of the most popular internet service among Indian internet user. Due to its low cost and high speed it get great popularity. The only minus point of BSNL Broadband is the service provided by its employee. The 50 and 55 years old guys sitting in A/C chambers of BSNL's office taking huge salaries don't want to work and they even do not have enough knowledge about internet and computer.

Coming to the point about increasing Speed Of Limited BSNL BROADBAND.

DNS server of BSNL BROADBAND take long time to respond to send request. The main reason behind this is bad connection and more crowd n your local DNS. This happens due to improper watching and maintenance by BSNL. This is the main reason of slow speed.

You can use third party DNS or Free DNS to increase speed of your BSNL Broadband. G step by step to increase speed of your BSNL broadband.

Below are some DNS which you can use instead of BSNL Broadband DNS.
Google Public DNS

OpenDNS free DNS server list:

DNSadvantage free DNS server list:

Public Name server IP address:

Scrubit public DNS server address:

To change DNS go to your Network connection and click on your right click BSNL Broadband connection logo and click on properties. Click on Networking Tab and then click on TCP/IP properties. Now manually or copy paste above mentioned DNS.

After changing DNS from BSNL to above mentioned DNS you will definitely see the improvement in your BSNL broadband downloading, surfing and streaming speed.These also features with phishing filters and automatic URL correction and provide greater security and speed.

You can also use software called TCP optimizer. This software optimizes your internet speed.
You can found or download this software from below mentioned link.
Download TCP optimizer

This way you can increase speed of your BSNL Broadband.

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