Install Games With a Cable On Mobile

People are fond of p[phelaying games. Everyone has mobile today and everyone have played games on their mobiles. As all mobiles allow us to import data like photos, videos, music and games. If you want to transfer games on mobile from your computer you can do it via USB cables. USB cables comes with the phones. If you have original USB cable it is best because that cable is tested in manufacturing company with the device that it is working fine with the device or not. It is compatible with that device or not. Is their any error while using this USB cable with this device or not. No doubt i is costly but it is made specially only for and for that mobile only.

To Install Games

Attach your Mobile-Phone with your computer with the help of USB cable.

Navigate internet browser and open the website of your Mobile phone manufacturers.

Search for your mobile phone model number by product name.

Download drivers for your computer. for that mobile phone. The driver gives your computer the ability to detect the phone and connect with it.

Click Start followed by My Computer then double-click the phone icon. Look for and open the Games window.
Copy and paste the games you have downloaded previously for your phone into Games Folder. You can also Drag and drop games in games folder. Once this procedure completes remove cable from phone and computer and start playing games on your mobile phones.
Click and drag the phone game into the "Games" folder. Once the copy has finished you can close out the phone window, right-click the icon and select "Eject." You can now begin playing the video game on your phone. Download Games For Mobiles

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