Keep Distance of 3 meters from Smoking Person

If you are standing near smokers at a distance of 2.6 meters it is very dangerous. This is revealed by the study of University of Otago, New Zealand. After studying for five week by public health researchers, It was found that when smokers smokes it is dangerous to stand near them at a distance of 2.6 meters. The air is 70% more polluted and the amount of fine particles were found in more quantity than a normal space.

This experiment is held in shopping malls, streets, footpaths and public areas from where smokers were passed. The number of people passed from that place is 284 and sensitive air monitor were used to measure polluted air. 

As per  Dr. George Thomson one of the team researchers said that their should be smoke-free policies especially at outdoor parts of shopping centers and food outlets.

There should be law which punish visible smoking. This helps and make it easier for many people to quit smoking and also keep distance from smoking in public places.

Another team researcher Mr. Wilson said that the city councils are responsible to ensure policies to protect health of peoples who are affecting by this polluted air.

By strict implementation of the rules they can save health of people who are working their. The likely benefits of smoke-free policy include; discouragement of passive smokers, better image and environment of city, less street cleaning costs due to less cigarette trash and the reduction of secondhand smoke drifting into shops and offices etc.

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