LG 580A Battery - LG Handsets Commanding Battery

Mobile-Phone has become very  essential part of our life. Mobile-Phone helps us to to get connected with friends, family and business clients. Mobile Phone helps you in problematic conditions like power outages, flight delays or stuck in a lonely place due to car breakdown. But which part of Mobile phone make it possible for you to stay connected with friends, family and business clients for a long time. Mobile Battery  is the answer. So it is good idea to use original battery or keep an extra battery with you depends on your handset.

We are talking here about LG 580A Battery So we have to be on track.  If you are an owner of a LG handset and are looking forward to purchase a spare battery Lg 580A Battery then you are at right place as we will see all key features and technical specifications.

Key Features

LG 580A Battery is based on latest Li-ion technology. As this battery is manufactured by LG itself it is safe and smart choice for your mobile.LG 580A Battery is excellent in performance and it will give you 100% quality satisfaction. The battery is free from memory effect and the in-built microchips prevent it from overheating and overcharging. This ensures the long-lasting life of the battery.


LG 580A Battery weight 36.86 gram it is very light in weight. LG 580A Batteryis Li-ion type battery available in black color. LG 580A Battery compatible with LG handsets like KU990i Viewty Lite, KU990 Viewty, KU990 New KM900 Arena, KC910 Renoir CU920 and CU915. The dimension of LG 580A Battery 47.08 x 7.61 x 6.10mmand capacity of 1000mAh with 3.07V.
Do this After Buying:

After Buying LG 580A Battery charge it fully atleast for 12 hours. For excellent performance it is necessary that you follow the basic steps while initializing the battery. Make schedule for recharging depends on you usage and need. Charging the battery very often as it reduces the capacity to hold power for longer time periods. Just following this simple steps you will you can effectively enhance its performance as LG 580A Battery is very commanding battery by LG.

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