Linking Twitter Account with Facebook Account.

Using Twitter on Facebook is simple process which require to enable an application to link both accounts. You can update both social media network with just on posting. Other benefits of linking Twitter with Facebook account is that friends who don't know your Facebook account come to know about that Facebook Page. The other thing is that people who are not following you on twitter will also come to know about your tweet. This application helps you to find your friends who use Twitter. Linking your Twitter account with Facebook account will help you to show your tweets on Facebook Page. It is time saving and less work procedure to use Twitter account with Facebook Account.

How to Link Twitter Account with Facebook Account.

Login to your Twitter Account.
In other Tab of your Browser Open Facebook Account.
In search box of Facebook page type Twitter.
Now Select the Twitter Application and and Click on Allow.
Click in the box next to "Facebook Profile" under "App Permissions" if you wish to allow Twitter to post your tweets to your Facebook profile.

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